Garcinia Shaping Pro SCAM Report – Auto-Ship Revealed

Garcinia Shaping Pro SCAM Report – Auto-Ship Revealed

When looking at trial offers it is always best to research what it is you are signing up for. Take Garcinia Shaping Pro for example, it makes some pretty impressive claims, but can it back them up?

In the following review we will look at this offer in more detail. Whether its ingredients are good enough and whether the cost is ok too.

Please read on to discover our findings before you sign up for this offer.

Claimed benefits of Garcinia Shaping Pro

Using Garcinia Shaping Pro is said to offer the following benefits:

  • Natural ingredients
  • May help increase energy
  • May help boost metabolism

While these claims are certainly not too outrageous, it is always worth looking for proof.

What ingredients have been used and are they going to help you experience these benefits?

Ingredients found in Garcinia Shaping Pro

Unlike some trial offers we have previously reviewed there is a link to view the ingredients at the very bottom of the website.

The ingredients used are Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA), Calcium, Potassium and Chromium.

When looking at Garcinia Cambogia supplements you should always look for those that contain a minimum of 50% HCA.

Garcinia Shaping Pro contains 60% so is a better quality supplement that is likely to be of benefit to your own efforts. For best results diet and exercise is always recommended.

True cost of Garcinia Shaping Pro

Once you sign up for this offer you will be allowed 14 days to decide whether you wish to keep the product. If you fail to contact the manufacturer within this time frame you will be charged $84.95.

Failure to cancel the trial also means that you are automatically enrolled onto an auto-ship program too. This means that further monthly packages will be sent to you, along with a bill for the privilege too.

These auto-shipments will continue until you are unsubscribed to the scheme.

Is Garcinia Shaping Pro a scam?

There is certainly some benefit to be had from the use of this product, however I personally do not feel that these benefits warrant the expense.

The auto-shipments is a serious issue and could certainly lead to complaints from those who were not expecting to receive and pay for more than one delivery.

Contact details for Garcinia Shaping Pro

The contact details are as follows:

Phone: 866-509-1036
Email: info@shapingpro.com

Please leave a message for us below if you wish to tell the world about your own experiences with this trial.

Garcinia PureAlternative to Garcinia Shaping Pro

Rather than wasting too much more time on trial offers like the one reviewed above I would recommend paying a visit to the Evolution Slimming website.

They have one particular product available that would be a better alternative.

Its name is Garcinia Pure and it contains similar ingredients, but is available for a more affordable price ($60 for a months supply).

As this product is not available for trial, there is no auto-shipping or hidden charges. Everything is upfront so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure


16 comments on "Garcinia Shaping Pro SCAM Report – Auto-Ship Revealed"

  2. On several occasions I have asked to stop this automatic shipment. I am requesting that you remove me from your auto shipment as of 4/30/2017. I am now turning you into my bank for unauthorized deductions. Next step hiring a lawyer.

    Thank You

    • This website has no link to this or any other trial offer. I suggest you use the contact details provided in the above review.

    • Once again your company is sending me one or two shipments a month. I Asked you to stop sending me product. Once again take me off your automatic shipping program. My next step is discussing these unauthorized shipments with my attorney! I am also contacting my bank to report unauthorized shipments.

  3. This is a complete scam, I did not receive any product from you, I did sign in for a trial consignment which I have not received. You charged me $84.95 on two separate occasions for products I did not receive. Please stop charging my account. Why do you think I will buy this product for that amount. This product is sold other places for less than $25.00. I will advise others that this is a complete scam.

  4. I feel for the sham of free sample just pay thr postage. Later found out by getting the free sample
    I was committed for future orders. They billed my account and even though I returned the item
    they would not give me credit and would would not return the item i paid for and returned.
    I don’t believe the 14 day cancellation was on the offer. A true con job.

  5. This has been a nightmare. I saw the ad for Shaping Pro online and tried to order the trial for $ 4.95 shipping. When I tried to finalize my order there was a screen offering me another product, which I declined. I tried to get to the check-out screen and it wouldn’t let me. I tried this three times so I then hit the continue tab. I looked in my bank account on-line and saw that not only was I charged $4.95 but also $5.95 AND $24.95 for two other products I did not order ( or so I thought ). When I saw what happened I called and explained what the situation was to an employee ( Christopher ). He assured me that he had cancelled the $24.95 order and would send the other two products and that I would receive them in 3 or 4 days. It is now nine days later and I still have not received any products. I just called again and was told the same thing. Never again!

  6. I saw an ad for this product (Garcinia Shaping Pro & Max Detox) on Facebook. It had a button to get more information, so I went to the website. When I saw that they offered a free trial for shipping and handling, I ordered the product. The cost was only $10.90. I was not aware that it was only a 14 day trial from the date purchased not the date received. Those details were in the fine print, which now I know I misunderstood. I ordered the product on July 18th, 2017 and received it on July 22nd or 23rd, 2017. I did not keep the shipping envelope that the product arrived in, but it took longer than 4 days to receive it. There was no paperwork in the package. I knew this was going to come back and bite me, but I could not find a phone number to cancel the product until I checked my bank statement on Monday, July 03, 2017. Seeing TWO suspicious charges on my checking account and after going through the pain of having my debit card cancelled because of the fear of fraud, I was informed that I had been charged for the products because I had not cancelled within the 14 day trail period. The Garcinia Shaping Pro was $84.95 and the Detox was $79.95. Those prices were not listed anywhere on the website. I was able to contact them to cancel any further shipments and costs, but they would not refund the money. They only offered discounts. I told them that this was a very sneaky way of getting money from people and that their website did state that my satisfaction was guaranteed. I have learned my lesson to not purchase anything else like this online and I hope that I can prevent others from making my same stupid mistake.

    • Very sneaky indeed. I purposely looked for “terms and conditions” and couldn’t find them because they are so hidden down into their website you would have to be a wizard to find them. Plus the customer service rep was so disrespectful when I called and totally talked over me even I asked her to stop. I’m embarrassed that I fell for such a scam and I will never buy anything like this over the internet again.

  7. Scam! Scam! Scam! Do not order the 4.95 trial order! Will wind up costing you 84.95 dollars or more! When contacting them they acted like they could care less!!! Had to cancel credit card to get this monkey off my back.

  8. Just cancelled acct. I thought it was a free trial, but apparently there is a whole list of people like me. This is why people have no trust in these companies. When we called to cancel, the guy we explained how wrong this is to said well you disputed this with your bank and LOST. In a laughing manner, well I am a firm believer in karma. Your company is dirty, we offered to mail the product back. I will scream your name to everyone I no, and on social media. Shame on you for preying on hard working people. May your futures all be minimum wage salaries…..

  9. I wish I would have read all of this before I ordered Garcinia Shaping Pro & Max Detox. Now they have my $164.90 even though I cancelled the automatic shipment I didn’t even know I was going to get. People that scam people out of their money like this should be ashamed but I ashamed of myself for falling for it. People please do not order Garcinia Shaping Pro & Max Detox products. Save yourself some financial heartbreak.

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