What is GC Speed Slim?

What is GC Speed Slim?

GC Speed Slim is a weight loss supplement made from Green Coffee Beans, which is an ingredient made popular by its appearance on the Dr Oz Show.

During its appearance Green Coffee Beans were shown to burn fat, so no wonder sales of supplements containing this ingredient have exploded.

Unfortunately as with any ‘weight loss miracle’ there are going to be those looking to exploit its popularity.

One method used is trial offers, where people will be enticed into signing up for an offer due to its low price. Unfortunately, what they have signed up for is an auto-ship program where they will be charged an extortionate fee each month.

GC Speed Slim is offering its product as a trial, but does this mean that you are going to be ripped off?

Lets look at GC Speed Slim in more detail before we decide whether it is a scam or not.

Claims made by GC Speed Slim?

GC Speed SlimThe following claims have been made on the GC Speed Slim website:

  • Reduce size of your pot belly
  • Boost energy
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Lose stomach fat
  • Increase metabolism

Now, without knowing what ingredients have been used in GC Speed Slim it is impossible to verify these claims. However, the claims made are certainly what you would expect to see on a website promoting Green Coffee Beans.

Ingredients of GC Speed Slim

The only ingredient of GC Speed Slim is 350 mg of Green Coffee Bean extract that contains 50% chlorogenic acid.

This is a good sign as you do not want to be buying a product full of cheap fillers or even worse dangerous ingredients.

GC Speed Slim ingredients

Price of GC Speed Slim

Although you can buy GC Speed Slim from the website, with prices starting at £52.08, the main issue is the cost of the trial.

The initial cost of the 14-day trial is £5.99, which will cover the cost of postage. After this initial trial period you will then be charged an unbelievable amount of £89.99, with further monthly charges of this amount.

For a start this amount is too high for a Green Coffee Bean supplement, but also why is there such a difference in offered prices?

Is GC Speed Slim a scam?

Auto-ship programs such as this have got a bad reputation for good reason. They are preying on the vulnerability of others by enticing them into signing up for their trial offer.

Even if you bought the supplement outright you are still paying too much.

In our opinion you would be better off looking for an alternative.

How to contact GC Speed Slim?

The contact details for GC Speed Slim are as follows:

Phone: +31 202170222
Email: cancellations@gcextract.com

If you have signed up for this trial then we would to hear from you. Please leave us a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to GC Speed Slim

A proven alternative to GC Speed Slim is Svetol Green Coffee, which is sold online by Evolution Slimming.

This supplement also contains 50% GCA but is available at a much cheaper cost, just £24.95 for a months supply. Best of all you wont ever have to sign up for a trial.

Click here to read our review of Svetol Green Coffee!

31 comments on "What is GC Speed Slim?"
  1. Can you help me? I can’t contact this company to cancel my aggreement.

    • Hello John,

      May I suggest using the contact information given above.

      We are not associated with this product so you will need to contact them if you wish to cancel. 🙂

    • bonjour, j’espère que vous allez arréter de nous arnaque, j’ai porte plainte à la gendarmerie. avec le produit que je leur ai laissé. La gendarmerie se charge de recherché ses escrocs. S’est fini ne commande plus rien sur internet. Tant pis pour les autres qui sont Honnètes.

  2. Hi, I have received today the simple 1 bottle (feb 12) and the feb 6 you took on my credit card 99.98$ with no permission?? What’s the problem, I want to cancel all the next shipment, I will refuse all the next delivery and I want that the money that you took on my credit card will be credited right now.

    Diane Houle

  3. Hi there, I am also having the same problem as the other commenters – I’m being charged 99.99 cdn + 5.99 cdn since January and wasn’t aware of this BS. I have spoken to my card company about the issue and I finally found this site which gives me more information. Has anyone resolved their complaint with this GC Speed Slim company??

    • I everyone, I had the same problem as the other commenters, I send a cancellation email at this adress: cancellations@gcextract.com and it’s working. I received a confirmation that everything is cancel and the reason why we were bill. //Bonjour à tous, j’étais dans la même situation que vous tous. J’ai envoyé un courriel d’annulation à l’adresse: cancellations@gcextract.com et ça a fonctionné. J’ai reçu un courriel de confirmation et les raisons pourquoi nous avons été chargé.

    • I also had the same issue .. contact your credit card company .. they already know this company is a scam and reimbursed my money within a month.

  4. Hi can anyone please help me!? I need to return the bottle that is UNOPENED back to the company because they charged my account $99.00. I would like to cancel this transaction so that I can be credited. Please help ASAP.

  5. I want to get my money back that you guys took from me y’all charged me before my trial ended and been contacting y’all by email and still haven’t heard from y’all the number y’all got doesn’t even work I want my money back and to cancel all orders. what is the real number to contact y’all?

    • Hi Rashonda.

      I am sorry that you have been scammed but I do not work for GC Speed Slim, nor am I associated with them in any capacity.

      I have no other contact details for them except those that were found on their website.

      Sorry that I could not be of more help. 🙂

  6. I got the “free trial”. Luckily my bank denied them the 99$ payment but I’m having enormous trouble canceling my subscription. I emailed but I’m making no progress. I’m in America so I can’t call that number either. This product is a scam and I won’t even be taking the free trial. I will be taking the company to court if further bills are sent or I recieve emails again.

  7. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!! You will be charged WITHOUT your permission! and not just a few bucks either! SCAM SCAM SCAM!

  8. Having the same problem as everyone else! I am very stressed out right now. I have emailed them multiple times. This has most definitely been a lesson for me. NEVER again will I do a “risk free trial”!! I would rather pay double at a store that will not keep my information & charge my card without permission. VERY VERY upset with this company & their lack of communication, as well as their dishonest business methods!
    Horrible experience.

  9. I also had tried to cancel my subscription after I read about the fees that I would be charged later but I never heard anything back. I got the $99 charge today and was told by my credit card company that I cannot get that money back until I have contacted the provider but I have no way to contact them besides email and none of my emails have been answered. Is there something that I can do??

  10. Trying to cancel – first email sent March 28 and emails were ignored. Just received shipment and did not order..please advise what is the problem..

    • You have sent another box! Sending back to you..requested to cancel and you don’t even have to professional courtesy to reply.

      • Hello Michelle.

        As mentioned above numerous times I do not work for GC Speed Slim, nor am I associated with them in any capacity.

        This page serves as a warning to others about the business practices of this company, hopefully to stop others like you being scammed.

        If you wish to speak to GC Speed Slim, perhaps you should try the contact details listed above. 🙂

  11. I read all the fine print!!! if I canceled within 14 days of the trail I shouldn’t have been charged and I tried the number and that didn’t work so I sent an e-mail asking to cancel my membership and still was charged I just sent another e mail so we will see if I get a confirmation any time soon, if not I will cancel my check card and get a new one so they won’t be able to charge me anymore. I know it is a huge pain in the a$$ but I’m not sure what to do, this is bs I tried canceling my order within the 14 days and they should have a usa phone number!!!!! I WANT TO CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP

  12. Hi there I understand that u do not associate with this company but I’m just wondering that if u know the product is safe to consume or not. Does it really works? I just revcived the order but am a little hesitant to use it…

    • Je ne peux pas m’appeler autrement vu que je me suis fait avoir aussi. Je tente l’adresse pour annuler, passe à la gendarmerie demain plus la banque!!! quelle merde et quels escrocs!!!

      **Google Translate**

      I can not call me otherwise because I got screwed too. I try to cancel the address, password to the police tomorrow plus the bank! what crap and what crooks!

  13. seule solution, changer de carte pour éviter de se faire encore prélever car la banque ne peut faire opposition seulement sur ce vendeur; et comme on a fait l ‘” achat” volontairement, la banque considère que nous sommes responsables, même si le contrat est on ne peut plus malhonnête , j’en conviens- donc pas de remboursement à espérer de ce coté . Quant à la gendarmerie, je n’y suis même pas allée, pour la même raison. Reste à se monter plus méfiant à l’avenir. Pour ma part, j’ai renvoyé le flacon entamé avec la demande de remboursement puisque la commande date de moins de 3 semaines mais aucun espoir et aucun retour de mail d”annulation posté depuis 3 jours. De toute façon, j’ai annulé ma carte banquaire dés le premier prélèvement; super; plus de carte pour 8 jours, et même si le ridicule ne tue pas, il fait mal et dans ce cas, il coûte cher. Alors, bon courage à tous et toutes et changez de carte!!vite!!!

    • et je confirme c’est bien une escroquerie honteuse et bien montée, ils sont malins et sans scrupules et nous trop naïfs !!! à fuir!!!

  14. hi, i just ordered my free trail and im really worried about being charged what do i do? can someone please help me.

    • I would use the cancellation email above and try to get it cancelled ASAP.

      Here it is:

      Email: cancellations@gcextract.com

      I have been trying to cancel for FOUR months and just trying this email address today before it turns to five months! Good luck

  15. I have had the same problem – I sent emails (not to the cancellation on above – I just did that today – THANK YOU for that information!!) which were ignored, I spoke to my credit card company and they said since I OK’d it (?) they cannot stop it but I can fight it after it is on my card and I would have to do this monthly! I have racked up four months worth of this product and I thought I was getting a one-time cheap trial!


    My Credit Card is being billing $99 + $5.99 S&H MONTHLY and I could find no way to stop it. There is no invoice, bill, receipt, mailing address, phone number, email address – NOTHING – that comes with the product.

    What a disgusting way to run a “business”. Even if the product was good I would cancel on the way they do “business”.

    STAY AWAY ROM THIS COMPANY unless you don’t mind being ripped off.

    And I am Canadian – it takes a LOT to piss me off.

  16. J’ai eu des problèmes de poids. Après la grossesse j’ai tout essayé pour maigrir mais sans resultats. Mais ma copine m’a reccomande le complement alimentaire Green Coffee avec l’extrait de café vert de chez naturallabs, et apres un mois je peux dire que ca marche!


    I had weight problems. After pregnancy I’ve tried everything to lose weight but no results. But my girlfriend recommends that they complement my food with Green Coffee extract of green coffee in naturallabs, and after one month I can say that it works!

  17. I am another mug that has been ripped off checked my bank to discover £158 has been taken from my account surley thisis against the law
    this company must be sorted out , have sent email but raging now ffs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I was also ripped off from them but my credit card company reimbursed me within a month … but I actually received the product … does it work? LOL!

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