Gemma Collins Juice Diet Results Revealed

Gemma Collins Juice Diet Results Revealed

Ex TOWIE star Gemma Collins has recently revealed her 3 stone weight loss after just 28 days of a strict liquid-only diet.

How did she lose the weight?

After booking herself into Jason Vale’s Juicy Oasis in Portugal, she was overseen by a dietician who banned her from eating her favourite junk foods, instead she was only allowed to consume healthy juices.

Jason himself had this to say about Gemma’s weight loss results:

“She lost two-and-a-half to three stone in total in four weeks, living on nothing but freshly pressed juice.”

“She has been doing exercise as well but not military-style. None of it is forced. Nobody can force Gemma to do anything, frankly.”

In particular the team worked on her addiction to junk food, with crisps being a major issue.

Past attempts to lose weight

Gemma has tried various techniques in the past to lose weight, even going as far as to undergo hypnotherapy to imagine herself having a gastric band.

Then she lost 3 stone, but over the course of 3 months, going from a size 22 to an 18.

She has also previously spoken about hiring a personal trainer as well as bouts of liposuction.

Dangers of juice diets?

While it is obviously impressive the amount of weight that Gemma Collins has lost, there is no getting away from the fact that this is not the safest method of losing weight.

There will be some who will no doubt be tempted to try this method themselves and I would urge you not to consider it if you value your health.

Please read on to see some of the potential dangers of a juice diet:

1. They contain very little protein

If you want to maintain muscle while you lose weight then you will need to consume protein.

Without adequate protein your body will start to break down your muscle for energy. Plus if you plan on working out then you will need the protein to help repair he muscle fibres you damage when you exercise, therefore helping to heal you.

2. Juice cleanses are low in calories

If you want to lose weight then you will likely need to cut calories. However, if you cut your calorie consumption too drastically then what will happen is that your metabolic rate will slow.

When this occurs you will find it harder to lose weight, and also once you start to reintroduce solid food you will not burn it off as quickly as you should so any lost weight will quickly return.

3. You may not feel great during a juice diet

Some (but not all) will experience side effects during a juice diet.

Gemma Collins Juice DietThese may include:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach pain
  • Hunger

You will likely visit the toilet more often as you will experience changes to your bowel functions.

4. It may be too extreme

For some a juice diet will be too extreme and may leave you feeling deprived of your favourite foods.

While you should cut back on the junk food, I suggest that you allow yourself the occasional treat to ward off any cravings.

5. It could be expensive

Unless you are willing to make your own then buying these bottled juices could be expensive.

Gemma herself paid £5,000 a week during her stay at the Juice Oasis, which is far more than the average person could afford.

How should you lose weight?

Losing weight is not a race, and 3 stone in a month is not normal. Of course her previous weight loss attempt using hypnotherapy did not produce such amazing results, but it is certainly a more sustainable and safer method.

For the average person cutting back on junk food and replacing it with fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as various fibre and protein-rich foods would give good results.

Exercise is also essential, not only to aid your weight loss efforts, but to also improve your overall health too.

You do not have to resort to a dangerous juice cleanse to lose weight.

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