Are your genes causing weight gain?

Are your genes causing weight gain?

Have you ever wondered why some people fail to lose weight on certain diets, while others are successful?

We know that we all have an unique body type and shape but is there another reason for this phenomenon?

Although genetics has long been used an excuse for obesity, recent research seems to suggest that there may be some truth behind this common excuse.

Obesity and genetics

There have been various studies over the past few years that have looked at the link between your genetics and your weight.

One particular study undertaken at UCLA gave 100 genetic variations of mice a normal diet for 8 weeks immediately followed by a high-fat, high-sugar diet for another 8 weeks.

The results were astonishing as although each of the mice had eaten the same diet, the weight of the mice varied greatly.

The researchers concluded that these results were due to genetics.

Is there a fat gene?

The discovery of the FTO gene a few years back was a huge step towards the realisation that genes did indeed affect your weight.

There are two variations of this gene (AA and TT), with people with the AA version being 70% more likely to be obese.

Research has shown that the AA variation of the FTO gene had higher levels of the hormone ghrelin, which is a hormone that controls hunger.

Therefore those with this variation found it more difficult to control their cravings as they felt hungrier than those without the variation.

Do you have the fat gene?

These days you can test to see if you have this variation of the FTO gene in the comfort of your own home.

Genes causing weight gainThere are home testing kits available that involve simply swabbing the inside of your mouth and sending the swab off to a laboratory for testing.

Once analysed you will be able to create your own personalised diet and exercise plan to enable you to start losing that excess weight.

How much does it cost to be tested?

A genetic test with diet and exercise advice from My-Gene-Diet will cost £195, which although expensive will test you for 8 different genetic variations to finally discover why you are struggling to lose weight.

You will receive:

  • An easy to follow home swab test
  • A personalised report showing the results and how these affect you
  • A personalised diet and exercise plan
  • Follow up with an experienced team member
  • A 1 month supply of Zotrim (value £20)

Obesity levels are continuing to grow around the World, which is putting a huge strain on our health care systems.

Do not become just another number, find out why you are struggling to lose weight and avoid the health problems associated with obesity.

Find out whether your genes are affecting your weight!

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