Geordie Shore Season 9 healthy eating demands revealed

Geordie Shore Season 9 healthy eating demands revealed

Over the past 8 seasons of the popular MTV reality TV show Geordie Shore we have got used to the stars of the show gorging on kebabs and fry-ups after a night of drinking.

However, it has recently been revealed by Vicky Pattison that for season 9 the girls have demanded to be fed healthy food in order to maintain their weight loss.

Vicky who spoke to Yahoo Celebrity had this to say about their demands:

“We banded together as females on this one and said ‘no, put your fingers in your pockets and can we have some catering’. We’ve turned into right divas now!”

“It’s made such a difference. You don’t get much time to cook, so we used to have a crisps cupboard and a chocolate drawer, which we’d descend on like a pack of raccoons after a night out.”

It turns out that the girls in particular were fed up of piling on the pounds while filming the hit TV show. Especially now that Vicky, Charlotte and Holly have taken the necessary steps to losing a little weight.

All 3 girls have been pictured at various points over the past year or so working out or eating healthily, with their weight loss obvious to see.

“Charlotte and the girls, we hate how it made us feel, we work so hard to get trim before we get in there and then two or three weeks later you’re feeling all the effects of the drinking and you’re clothes are a little bit snug. It’s a knock on your confidence.

“With the catering we swapped our fry ups for eggs or porridge for breakfast and then salads and meat platters for lunch. That made keeping our figures loads easier.”

Vicky Pattinson weight lossVicky in particular has lost the most weight, going from a size 16 to a slim size 6, following a healthy eating plan and regular exercise before releasing her fitness DVD.

“This time around, for season 9, there wasn’t as much of a break so I wasn’t as excited to get in there and get drunk.

“I was more controlled, we had time to exercise every morning when we woke up. I came out of the house practically the same size. I’m actually a bit worried I come across as really boring in S9!”

In series 8 Vicky gained weight during filming, which is unsurprising looking at her diet during the series.

“It is very hard to maintain. Losing it was difficult but maintaining it… it’s the pressure. After series 8 back in April, I was so excited to film that I totally let my hair down.”

“I did it in spectacular fashion. Jagerbombs, kebabs, milky ways, everything, it was constant. I came out and I was heavier than I was when I went in.”

No wonder she and the other girls took the decision to start eating healthier during the latest series.

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