10 Ways to get a beach body for Summer 2015

10 Ways to get a beach body for Summer 2015

Whilst we are still in winter it wont be long before our thoughts will turn towards getting beach ready for summer.

Well, it makes sense that to get our perfect beach body we should start early. The following tips could help you achieve your goal:

Tip #1: Workout early

If you are able I would recommend that you wake up as early as possible (make sure you have got a minimum of 7 hours sleep) to workout.

Working out first thing will allow you to burn calories and ensure further calories are burnt throughout the day.

You will also find that there will be less chance of tiredness or the various excuses you will make throughout the day causing you not to workout.

Tip #2: Eat before workouts

If you workout without eating beforehand you will have less energy, so wont be able to give 100%.

You will also find that your body will break down muscle for energy if there is no food present.

Tip #3: Eat smaller portions more often

To keep your metabolism burning throughout the day and to cut food cravings I would suggest eating more often. Though you should make sure to cut your portion sizes.

Tip #4: Eat after each workout

To aid muscle recovery I would suggest eating post-workout. Protein is good for helping repair the muscle fibres broken during your workout.

Tip #5: Always eat breakfast

A healthy protein-rich breakfast will give you the energy you need to start the day.

Skipping breakfast will only lead to food cravings mid-morning, which will result in you reaching for an unhealthy snack.

Tip #6: Eat to lose

To lose weight and get fit you need to eat. Skipping meals and drastically cutting your calorie intake may result in short term results but these will be short lived.

Beach bodyAfter a while your body will go into a ‘starvation mode’ whereby your metabolism will slow as your body attempts to hold onto its fat reserves.

When this occurs the weight loss will halt.

Drastically cutting your food intake will also result in nutritional deficiencies that should be avoided as it can cause numerous health problems.

Tip #7: Try to avoid alcohol

Most of us like the occasional night out with friends, which often involves plenty of alcohol.

Certain types of alcohol (alcopops for example) are full of sugar and unnecessary calories that will affect your efforts.

I would recommend no alcohol, although there are some that contain very few calories; such as vodka for example.

Tip #8: Drink plenty of water

Water is the ideal replacement for most of the modern drinks you will find.

It contains zero calories, yet can help cut your appetite, as well as helping to flush out the toxins found in your body.

These toxins can prevent weight loss, and when removed can also help clear your skin, which is a bonus.

Tip #9: Get enough sleep

I mentioned above that you should be getting a minimum of 7 hours sleep per night.

The reason being is that if you are tired you will be more likely to reach for an unhealthy snack the following day in an effort to give your energy levels a boost.

Also when you are tired, your cortisol levels will increase, leading to bouts of emotional eating too.

Tip #10: Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

Try to limit your intake of processed foods as they are full of salt and sugar, with very little nutritional content. Instead eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, as these on the other hand contain no additives, yet are nutrient-rich.

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