20 methods to help you get beach ready

20 methods to help you get beach ready

With summer already upon us you may be thinking that it may be time for you to get beach ready for those seaside trips or planned holiday in the sun.

Perhaps these following 20 methods can help you to achieve your goal:

Method #1 – Eat large cereal flaked cereals

Research has shown that if you choose to eat a large flaked cereal you are likely to pour less of it into your cereal bowl compared to smaller flakes.

The result? You eat less so consume fewer calories so start to lose weight.

Method #2 – Switch off breakfast TV

When you watch TV you are less likely to realise how much you are eating, so are more likely to overeat.

Method #3 – Watch those canteen foods

Research has shown that when buying canteen foods we tend to eat the first foods we fancy.

Instead have a browse through to see all the available choices, before opting for the healthier choices.

Method #4 – Use a tray

Research suggests that when visiting a buffet take a tray so that you are less tempted to make several return visits.

Method #5 – Take a probiotic daily

According to a study undertaken at the Laval University in Quebec, female slimmers who took a probiotic containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus lost 10 pounds in just 12 weeks, which was 4 pounds more than those who did not take the probiotic.

Method #6 – Eat crunchy foods

When you choose hard and crunchy foods you are more likely to need to chew them, which helps to make you feel satiated.

Method #7 – Be happy

If you are happy then you are more likely to make good food choices.

Method #8 – Watch those ‘healthy’ meals

It is important to check the labels on so called ‘healthy’ meals as often they contain just as many calories as the regular varieties.

Low fat options are particularly bad as they sometimes contain added sugars that will certainly derail your attempts to lose weight.

Method #9 – Spray some perfume

It is probably obvious that the smells that come from food will increase your appetite, therefore making the smell by spraying perfume or by lighting some scented candles could help decrease your appetite.

Research has shown that both pine and freshly cut grass are good for reducing appetite.

Method #10 – Put the wine glass down when pouring

This may sound strange but research has shown that holding a glass while pouring wine results in an extra 12% more wine being added.

Put the wine glass down and save 12% every glass of wine, which will soon mount up. Saving you hundreds of calories over the year.

Method #11 – Monday everyday

Did you know most diets start on a Monday? Therefore would it not make sense to think that every day was Monday?

Method #12 – Eat some pulses

Pulses such as humus or chickpeas contain fewer calories than nuts, cheese, croutons and bacon so are the perfect accompaniment to salad.

Method #13 – Cut back on salt

Salt is not good for you, this has been shown time and again. Yet food manufacturers continue to add it to our foods.

Always check the labels on the food you buy and try to buy those with the lowest salt values possible.

Of course do not add any extra salt to your meals either.

Method #14 – Focus on your meal

If you are distracted while eating, perhaps due to a phone call or text then you are more likely to eat more than you need.

Concentrate on your food and your food alone and you will see the benefits.

Method #15 – Get some sun

Research has suggested that getting just 20 minutes of bright sunshine in the morning can give your metabolism an initial boost, resulting in more calories being burnt.

Method #16 – Use some spices

Instead of using lots of fat in your meals, add herbs and spices such as oregano, paprika or garlic for taste, which will therefore cut down on your calorie intake.

Certain spices can boost your metabolic rate too.

Method #17 – Eat for yourself

It’s an unfortunate fact that we tend to eat whatever everyone else is eating, regardless of how healthy it is.

This means that if you are surrounded by family and friends that don’t choose the healthiest option or the smallest portions then you are likely to be eating the same.

Stop following others and start eating your own healthier meals, otherwise your body is never going to change for the better.

Method #18 – Make some thin friends

By surrounding yourself with thin friends you will subconsciously start thinking that this is the ‘normal’ size to be and will be encouraged to get to their size.

Method #19 – Keep track of calories when eating out

Watching your calorie intake when you prepare your own meals is easy compared to eating out.

However, there are some restaurants that list the calorie amounts of their meals so you are better informed ready to make the healthier choice.

Method #20 – Watch your alcohol consumption

Not only is alcohol ‘empty calories’ that add nothing nutritionally to your diet, you are also more likely to be tempted by other unhealthy foods such as a kebab once you have had a few alcoholic beverages.

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