Get ready for Summer with these 5 easy weight loss tips

Get ready for Summer with these 5 easy weight loss tips

With summer season just around the corner you may be starting to worry about how you are going to look in your swimwear down on the beach.

Well, stop stressing these following easy to follow weight loss tips should help you get ready for summer.

Tip #1 – Make smart food stops

Instead of simply cutting out foods in their entirety you would be better off making the decision to choose healthier alternatives to your unhealthy food favourites.

For example, swapping your caffeinated drinks like Coca Cola for water will make a huge difference to your total calorie intake, along with other benefits too.

Tip #2 – Keep a food diary

By writing down what you are eating you will become more aware of what you are currently consuming and will be able to make the necessary changes to your diet if needed.

In this world we live in where technology is everywhere there are various tools that you can use, or if you are more traditional you can stick to an old-fashioned spiral pad instead.

You may use this diary to keep track of your progress, so that you can see how far you have come and to give you that occasional lift you may sometimes need.

Tip #3 – Keep to regular meal times

A great way to lose weight is to only eat at set times rather than constantly grazing throughout the day.

By constantly snacking you are likely to consume a lot more calories than you thought, which will contribute to your expanding waistline.

Tip #4 – Only have the one serving

One sure-fire way of gaining weight is by having more than one serving.

If you have already eaten a plate full of food, even if it is a healthy meal you should not go and refill your plate.

Also it is time you learnt portion control, stop overfilling your plate and if you are feeling full you should stop eating. No one is going to be telling you off for putting some food in the bin.

Tip #5 – Fill half your plate with either fruit or vegetables

A great way to fill up without taking in too many calories is by eating fruit and vegetables, unfortunately though very few of us eat enough of either.

An easy way to increase your intake is by including them in your main meals.

Fruit and vegetables can also help your weight loss efforts as they are full of nutrients like fibre that can help fill you up, meaning you are less likely to want to snack between meals.

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