Get rid of that muffin top

Get rid of that muffin top

With summer just around the corner isn’t it time that you took those necessary steps to losing that muffin top. You know, that overhanging fat that is currently spilling out of your jeans.

Maybe the following tips will help:

Lose the muffin top tip #1 – Avoid distractions

Did you know that people tend to eat more when they are distracted? Therefore when eating would it not make sense to eat at a table away from the television and laptop?

Lose the muffin top tip #2 – Cut portion sizes

Rather than eating 2-3 large meals, eat 5-6 smaller ones instead.

These smaller meals will not only reduce bloating, which will only serve to highlight your muffin top, but will also ensure your metabolism stays as active as possible.

Lose the muffin top tip #3 – Watch your fat intake

This does not mean all fats, as some forms of fat are beneficial to your health.

You need to watch the amount of trans fats you consume however, so fast food and processed meals are out.

Instead try to eat foods that contain monounsaturated fats such as an avocado or blueberries as they are infinitely better for you.

Lose the muffin top tip #4 – Watch what you drink

When dieting many of us fail to realise that many of the drinks we consume contain calories, in some cases lots of them.

Rather than reaching for the caffeinated drinks, fruit juices or alcohol you would be better off drinking water.

Water contains no calories but offers various health benefits. For a start it can flush out those toxins that cause weight gain, as well as improving your skin complexion and helping curb your food cravings.

Lose the muffin top tip #5 – Eat more fibre

Eating foods full of fibre will fill you up, resulting in less cravings. The fibre is also slow to digest too.

Vegetables such as broccoli, avocado, cabbage and peas are great food options that contain high levels of fibre.

Lose the muffin top tip #6 – Eat more whole grains

Whole grains contain plenty of fibre and less sugar than refined grains so will help to keep your blood sugar levels low.

Slim waistWhen your blood sugar levels rise dramatically they will subsequently drop too, which will result in cravings.

Foods to avoid include white rice, white bread and pasta made from white flour.

Lose the muffin top tip #7 – Eat more protein

Protein is slower to digest than both fat and carbohydrates so will essentially keep you feeling fuller for longer.

It can also help to build lean muscle if you are planning on working out (recommended), as it helps repair damaged muscle tissue.

Building muscle is recommended because it can burn more calories than fat, even while you are resting.

Lose the muffin top tip #8 – Cut out the salt

Salt or sodium causes your body to retain both water and gas, which will cause your stomach area to look bloated.

Too much salt in your diet can also lead to weight gain, so limiting your intake is recommended.

Lose the muffin top tip #9 – Eat less sugar

Too much sugar in your diet will cause weight gain and fat to be deposited around your body.

Indulging in sweet sugary snacks will also encourage snacking, as you will initially experience a sugar high that will inevitably lead to a drop in blood sugar levels.

Processed foods tend to contain hidden sugars so try to avoid them if possible. Instead stick to more natural options.

Lose the muffin top tip #10 – Stay stress free

When you are stressed your body produces more cortisol, which is a hormone that releases blood sugar into your bloodstream.

If this sugar is not burnt it will be stored as fat.

Have a nice relaxing bath or take up a calming hobby like yoga to relieve stress before it becomes a problem.

Lose the muffin top tip #11 – Work on your posture

If you walk around hunched over then your muffin top will look more pronounced.

Stand upright with your shoulders back and you will see an immediate improvement.

Lose the muffin top tip #12 – Exfoliate and massage

Exfoliating and gently massaging your belly area can stimulate your cells, improve circulation and help push those toxins out. Hence helping reduce that troublesome muffin top area.

Lose the muffin top tip #13 – Exercise

Although you cannot spot reduce fat, working on your abs will make a difference to your appearance.

This is not all you should do though, to lose that muffin top you will need to burn off fat.

Intense cardio or interval training is great, while strength (weights/resistance) training is a great way to build muscle, which we discussed earlier is going to ensure you burn off more calories even while resting.

Just remember to successfully achieve your goals diet and exercise need to be used together, one cannot succeed without the other.

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