6 Ways to Get Slimmer In Time for Christmas

6 Ways to Get Slimmer In Time for Christmas

Studies have shown that people tend to gain the most weight around major holidays like Christmas.

Unfortunately this is one of the times you want to look your best, as no doubt you have plenty of Christmas parties to attend. So what can you do to get slimmer in time for Christmas? Here are some tips that can help.

#1: Don’t skip meals

You may think that skipping meals would be a quick and easy way to lose weight, however chances are you wont see any long-term results.

While you may lose weight to begin, your body will take steps to stop weight or fat from being lost.

When you starve yourself your body will go into a sort of “starvation” mode where your metabolism will slow considerably to hold onto its fat reserves. It will also start to break down muscle for energy too, which will slow your metabolism further still.

If this occurs then weight loss will stall inevitably, and once you start eating normally once again any lost weight will return just as quickly as it was originally lost.

#2: Keep a healthy snack handy

Around Christmas time you will find that family and friends will be baking a lot and no doubt will be offering them to you.

Unfortunately and perhaps unsurprisingly, those seasonal treats such as mince pies and are full of calories that will not help you stay slim.

It maybe difficult to turn them down but if you want to look your best at those Christmas parties then you must try.

Opt for your own health snack instead. Perhaps some fresh fruit or a handful of nuts.

#3: Stick to your “regular” routine

The holiday season is usually busier than other times of the year, but that does not mean you should start slacking on your usual healthy routine.

Christmas Weight LossYou should still try and cook your own meals and to get regular exercise but it will surely be worth it when you are able to fit into that tight party dress.

#4: Avoid alcohol

You want to have a good time around the holidays and this usually involves plenty of eating and drinking.

Yet, if you are trying to lose a few pounds then cutting back or even avoiding alcohol completely would be a good idea.

The problem with alcohol is that it contains many more calories than you may expect, plus when you consume it your ability to resist eating those unhealthy foods will be reduced.

This lack of inhibition can lead to you making some unhealthy choices.

#5: Make smart choices

At the Christmas parties before you go diving into the buffet, take a moment to assess what is available.

No doubt there will be healthier options available, so perhaps stick to them.

#6: Skip that second helping

Again, if you are trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight losses then you should avoid that second helping.

Even healthy foods contain calories, which is why you should choose filling foods the first time you visit the buffet.


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