6 Tips to Ensure You Get the Best Out of Your Workout

6 Tips to Ensure You Get the Best Out of Your Workout

To lose weight you need to make sure your diet is good and that you are not eating too much processed junk food.

Another important aspect is the amount and quality of the exercise you perform.

Here are some tips to help ensure you get the best out of your workout:

#1: Keep your workouts short

To see the best results from your workout you most certainly do not need to spend hour upon hour at the gym.

For some the gym is a social area, but really you should be there to work.

What I would suggest would be to push yourself harder for a short workout, rather than taking it easy for an hour or two.

#2: Push yourself

This tip follows on from the first one, as simply going through the motions while working out will certainly not help you see the best results.

Each and every time you workout you need to be pushing yourself that little bit harder.

#3: Work the whole body

Unless you have enough time to go to the gym every day then working separate body parts each day should not be an option.

Most of us wont have time to work biceps one day then legs the next. So I would suggest trying to put together an intense workout that will work your entire body.

#4: Don’t forget the weights

You may feel a little intimidated by the weights area, but you shouldn’t.

Cardio has its benefits of course, but if you focus purely on cardio-based workouts then you may not be seeing the best results.

Working OutThe problem is that while cardio will burn calories, once your workout ends the calorie burn will pretty much end.

Whereas with a workout that also involves weight training you will find that you are able to burn off calories long after the conclusion of the workout.

As you will also be building muscle, your resting metabolic rate will also increase, meaning you are able to burn off more calories than usual, even when you are at rest.

#5: Increase the incline

Hill running is a great way to increase the intensity of your workout.

If you do not fancy running outdoors or have no hills nearby then you could always increase the incline of the treadmill instead.

#6: Choose water

After a workout it is a good idea to rehydrate, but if you are choosing energy drinks instead of water then you could be undoing all of your good work at the gym.

Many of these sports drinks are full of sugar, with some containing even more than those popular soft drinks.

Too much sugar is never a good idea if weight loss is your goal, so I would suggest opting for water instead.

Water is completely free of calories, but can hydrate you properly. It can also offer numerous weight loss benefits, for example it can curb your appetite and can help flush out the toxins that prevent weight loss.

If water is a little boring for you then add a slice of a citrus fruit like lemon or lime to create a little more interest.


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