Get Thinner Friends to Lose Weight

Get Thinner Friends to Lose Weight

This may seem harsh but recent research has found that having thinner friends can boost your chances of losing weight.

In the study, published in the journal Obesity, researchers looked at 9,000 adults and their weight loss goals.

The researchers then looked at the persons friends, looking in particular at the 4 people they were closest with. They looked at what their body shape was.

After studying these people over the course of a year, the researchers found that the people who tended to want to lose weight were found to spend the most majority of their time with heavier friends.

However, when these same people spent time with thinner people, they found more success losing weight.

The researchers found that simply by adding a thinner friend to your inner-circle could result in a weight loss of 0.3 kg.

Why would thinner friend help with weight loss?

The researchers believe that people tend to share habits with friends and family that they spend time with.

For instance if your friend like to exercise regularly or eats healthily around you then you are more likely to do the same too.

Of course, just because your friends are not thin does not mean you cannot make a positive change for yourself.

Being overweight raises the risk of developing numerous health conditions, but perhaps it is time for you to take responsibility for your own actions instead of relying or blaming your habits on your friends,


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