10 Warning Signs You’re About To Give Up Your Diet

10 Warning Signs You’re About To Give Up Your Diet

We all know how important your diet is for helping you reach your weight loss goals. Unfortunately sticking to it can be difficult.

It is little wonder that most of us will quit our diet long before we get close to our final goal. Is there any way that we can tell that we are about to quit?

Perhaps if we knew the warning signs then we would be able to make those necessary changes to enable us to stick to it long-term.

#1: You are afraid to fail

Just because you have failed to stick to a diet in the past does not mean that you wont be able to this time.

If you are expecting to fail then you may not put in 100% and will more than likely quit as soon as things get hard.

I suggest that you embrace failure as part of the process. We all fail from time to time, but this is how we learn.

The next time you fail, try to learn why you failed and jump back on the horse, so to speak.

#2: You want to lose weight for vague reasons

Reasons for losing weight such as being able to fit into a cute dress are too vague and not very inspiring.

To stick to your diet you need motivation to succeed. So try to find a reason that connects to you emotionally.

#3: You don’t want to put in any effort

Weight loss is not easy, and whoever told you it is, is lying to you.

To overcome this try to set smaller more achievable goals that you can work towards and gain momentum and motivation.

Also, try not to think of weight loss as a temporary thing that you can relax once you reach your goal weight. Think of your journey not as a ‘diet’ but as a lifestyle change instead.

#4: Your diet is too good to be true

If your current diet does not involve any real dietary changes or increased activity then I would worry that you are unlikely to see any results.

To lose weight effectively these are a must, there is no real magic formula, just stick to the basics and you will soon start to see the results you crave.

#5: You hate working out

Working out is not only good for your diet but also your general health too, so it is important that you learn to love it.

If you quit working out then no doubt the healthy eating will be the next thing to fall by the wayside.

#6: You believe that “you are what you eat

Do you think that those you see eating junk food are pigs? If so then you will believe that whenever you slip up and indulge that you are a pig as well.

Weight LossIt maybe better to eat healthily all the time, but the occasional treat will not do you any harm.

However if you punish yourself mentally when you do then you will find that reaching your goal weight will become a struggle.

#7: You keep ‘trigger’ foods at home

There are certain types of food that you know that you cannot resist. The problem is that if they are in your home then you will eat them instead of your healthy alternatives.

Of course the occasional treat wont do any harm, but is it possible to eat these trigger foods in moderation.

Your best bet would be to avoid buying these in bulk, even if it maybe cheaper, or to avoid them completely.

#8: You weigh yourself daily

While it is a good idea to weigh yourself quite often, daily weigh-ins is a little excessive.

Sometimes you will not see any results, or worse still you will gain weight overnight for no reason, which can be disheartening and leave you feeling like you want to quit.

By all means weigh yourself, but once a week will suffice. Make sure it is the same day, at roughly the same time too.

#9: You won’t try new things

If you are stuck in a rut with your diet and are no longer seeing any results then it is no good being stubborn. Sometimes you will need to change things to start seeing results once more.

Take your workouts for example, if you continuously perform the same routine whenever you visit the gym then you will not see the same benefits as before as your muscles will get used to the workout.

#10: You don’t use the advice given

With so much information available on how to successfully lose weight it can be confusing trying to figure out what works.

Let me tell you that we are all different, so if something works for one it does not necessarily mean that it will work for you.

You will need to filter out the junk and find out what is important to you, take the information in, and act on it.

To lose weight you will need to stick to your diet, not quit at the first sign of trouble. Hopefully these early warning signs will help you to see the progress you would expect.

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