Go Organic and Lose Weight

Go Organic and Lose Weight

Organic foods are becoming more and more popular with people who want to ensure what they are eating does not have a negative effect on the environment.

Unfortunately organic foods tend to be more expensive, yet if it could help with your weight loss efforts would the extra expense be worth it?

Lets look at 2 reasons why you should go organic and lose weight:

#1: Organic foods contain more nutrients

Studies have shown that organic foods are more nutritious than their conventionally grown counterparts, with the British Journal of Nutrition reviewing 343 separate studies before concluding that they tend to contain a higher percentage of antioxidants.

Research has also shown that organic foods contain more nutrients per ounce. This is due to them being grown without the help of fertilisers.

Crops that are exposed to nitrogen for example, tend to be bigger but the nutritional properties are not expanded.

That is not all as research from Newcastle University has concluded that on average organic fruit and vegetables contains 12% more resveratrol and polyphenols that can help to keep your blood sugar levels stable, while keeping your appetite under control.

#2: Pesticides can affect your weight

Exposure to pesticides has been linked to obesity in children, with both 2 particular studies undertaken by PLOS One and the Environmental Health Perspectives showing that pesticides could cause increased weight, abdominal fat and insulin resistance in rodents.

Of course there are others who state that the amount of pesticides present in our food is marginal, if you want to avoid exposing yourself further (typically the average American will be exposed to 10-13 pesticide residues daily) then organic food is recommended.

Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables

Whether you choose to eat organic or not the truth is you should still increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables you are currently consuming, especially if your aim is to drop a few of those excess pounds.

Rather than choosing to eat junk food, eating fruit or vegetables can help to fill you up without the using up your daily calorie limit.

As mentioned above, fruit and vegetables are full of nutrients too, so you can get most of what your body needs to stay healthy.

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