7 Golden Weight Loss Rules

7 Golden Weight Loss Rules

By now you should know that being overweight puts you at a higher risk of an early death, as you are more likely to suffer from diabetes, heart disease and various other health conditions.

You probably already know that diet and exercise is what is recommended for weight loss, so what is stopping you?

Perhaps you have tried in the past only to fail to reach your goals, resulting in any lost weight returning. Well, even if you have encountered set backs in the past your health is important.

Maybe the following golden weight loss rules will make achieving your goal weight that much easier to achieve? Please read on to discover if any of the tips listed will be of use to you.

#1: Find a role model

There has been a lot made in the news recently about parents not being able to tell if their children are overweight, well this only goes to show that perhaps our parents are not the best role models for us.

If you are currently overweight and are finding that you constantly make the wrong choices regarding food and exercise then perhaps it is time that you found yourself a role model.

There is a reason why these #fitspiration models are so popular.

Copy what they do and the choices they make and you will soon start to see your own results.

#2: Eat more fibre

Fibre takes a long time to digest so once eaten it will stay in your stomach helping you to feel fuller for longer.

Unfortunately most of us don’t eat our recommended daily allowance of fibre so this simple trick could help cut back on your calorie intake.

Weight lossInstead of eating junk food, replace it with fibre-rich food like broccoli, cucumber, cabbage or raspberries.

#3: Eat more often

Rather than sticking to the 3 meals a day you have eaten for years perhaps you would be better off having 5-6 smaller meals instead.

When you do this you will find that your metabolism will be constantly working, while your blood sugar levels wont drop too far either so you should experience fewer sugar cravings.

#4: Eat breakfast as soon as you get up

We have heard countlessly that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while true there are still those who skip breakfast in the hope that skipping meals will result in weight loss.

Unfortunately these same people will be forced to buy an unhealthy snack mid-morning as they are simply too hungry to cope.

A healthy breakfast full of protein as soon as you wake can give your metabolism a quick boost, while giving you enough energy to last until lunch.

#5: Stop counting calories

If you have ever tried counting calories you will know just how difficult it can be. Unfortunately for some, this will likely result in them quitting the weight loss plan with any lost weight returning.

Rather than count every calorie that enters your mouth perhaps you should focus more on eating healthy 80% of the time.

As long as you stick to this you will soon start to see results, plus it will allow you the occasional treat.

#6: Use a food diary

While we state you shouldn’t calorie count you should still keep track of what you are eating to see what effects it can have on you.

Some of us snack too much, which can affect our waistlines, so if you were to write this down you would be more aware of it when you look back through the diary. Hopefully helping you to change your unhealthy habits for the better.

#7: Get some support

For those who suffer from emotional eating, it can be difficult to reach your weight loss goals alone.

If this is the case then you may want to go through your journey with a friend or family member with the same goals in mind.

There are also numerous support groups you can go to; for example Weight Watchers. Plus you can use social media for advice and support too.

There are bound to be people going through the same kind of issues as yourself, by talking to one another you can work through your problems and move one step closer to success.

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