4 Ways to tell you are on a Good Diet

4 Ways to tell you are on a Good Diet

There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of diet, but how can you tell if the one you are on is a good diet?

Is its ability to help you lose weight the only important aspect? Of course not as often diets will promote dangerous methods that while effective could potentially be dangerous to your long-term health.

Before choosing a diet you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the diet too good to be true?
  2. Is there evidence that this diet works?
  3. Will this diet cause you any harm?
  4. Is this diet better than the alternatives?

Along with these questions there are 4 diet features that every good diet should contain, find out whether your diet has them:

#1: It contains lots of vegetables

Vegetables are incredibly important for weight loss as they contain very few calories, yet are filling and contains various nutrients that are important for good overall health.

#2: It focusses on quality foods

Healthy dietYour proposed diet should emphasise the importance of choosing quality ingredients.

This does not necessarily have to be organic, but choosing whole wheat bread rather than bread made from refined white flour for example would be a much better option.

#3: It offers a plan to fill nutrient gaps

Some diets will tell you not to eat certain food types, which can leave you with a lack of certain nutrients.

The issue with this is that your body needs these nutrients for good health so you will need to replace them.

A good example would be those diets that tell you to cut out grain. This can lead to low levels of magnesium and fibre so you will need to find a way to supplement these missing nutrients.

#4: It asks you to cut back on processed foods

A good diet will obviously ask you to cut back on the amount of processed foods you eat.

Doing so will help reduce your salt and fat intake, which will lead to weight loss being experienced.

A good diet should encourage you to choose healthy fresh ingredients and to cook your own food whenever possible.

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