Should you avoid the Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra trial?

Should you avoid the Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra trial?

There are two weight loss trends that have been talked about a lot this past year, Green Coffee Beans and detox diets. Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra is a supplement that is supposed to combine them both.

Unfortunately despite its claimed benefits there are those who have been less impressed with their purchase as although the supplement is offered at an initially low cost, they have subsequently been charged an extortionate amount after the trial has concluded.

In this review we are going to look at this supplement in more detail, its ingredients, its cost and whether we believe that it is a scam.

Claims made by Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra

The following claims have been made by Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra:

  • Lose weight naturally
  • Shrink your waistline
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Purify your system
  • Increase energy levels

Before we can verify if these claims are accurate or not we would have to look at the ingredients found within the supplement.

Ingredients found in Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra

The following ingredients have been listed as present in the formula:

Green Coffee Beans, Flax Seed Oil, Fennel Seeds, Ginger Goldenseal, Citrus Pectin and Oat Bran, with no fillers, binders or artificial ingredients.

Unfortunately, only the dosage amount of the Green Coffee has been listed (400 mg – which is a little low if I am honest).

Without this important information how will you know if this product can do what it claims to do.

Cost of Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra

The cost of the Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra trial is $9.95, which covers the cost of shipping the 30 day supply.

After 18 days you will then be charged $79.96, with further monthly packages and charges to be expected thereafter, until you cancel your membership to the auto ship program you have unwittingly signed up for.

Is Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra a scam?

These kind of auto ship programs are called scams by those who have signed up for one without reading the terms and conditions beforehand.

The payment terms are available to reads in the t&c’s, but who honestly reads them?

The manufacturer of Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra know this so are hoping the low price of the trial will entice you into signing up, then they can charge you the real cost of the supplement without you even realising, and by then it is too late.

In our opinion trial offers like this should be avoided. They almost always cost more than you were expecting.

Contact Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra

You can contact customer service on 1-877-932-4730 or you can email them on customerservice@ultragreencoffeecleanse.com

Their address for returns is as follows (please get an RMA beforehand):

Fulfillment Center
1885-B Beaver Ridge Circle
Norcross, GA 30071

If you have signed up for this trial offer then we would love to hear about your experiences. Please leave a message below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra

A proven alternative to Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra is the Green Coffee Bean Cleanse package available to buy from Evolution Slimming.

This package contains both a Green Coffee Bean supplement and DetoxPlus, which will provide 2000 mg of Pure Green Coffee, plus all those detox benefits you desire.

The cost of this package is $61, which is much cheaper than Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra.

Click here to buy Green Coffee Pure Cleanse

22 comments on "Should you avoid the Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra trial?"
  1. Please stop sending green coffee cleanse ultra. I think I have requested this before! I will be putting a stop on your automatic deducting money from my credit card .I will be contacting my credit card co. tomorrow . 3/27/2014 your pill has not worked and has never worked for me.Thank you for your understanding. Dennis McMahan

    • Hello. Dennis.

      You would have to contact Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra to cancel your account. I do not work for them, this review just highlights the sales tactics used by this company.

      • Believe me I’m trying to cancel but the 800 number is not working

        • Not sure what number you are using. Have you tried the one in the above review?

          This was the number I took from their website at the time of writing this review.

          Your bank should also be able to advise you how to stop any future payments. Have you tried this?

  2. For the company to draw from my account with out my conscent is fraud. I will be returning the product and will be looking for the return of my money!!!!!

  3. This company is affiliated with the same company that sells a Garcinia Cambogia Plus pill. They present the trial as only paying $5.95, but when I called to cancel well before my time was up, they claimed that was only for the shipping and I would be charged $89.95 for the product I received. If the offer was for that amount, then I never would have tried it! This company is a complete scam in many ways. Stay away from them!

  4. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT OR TRIAL. I repeat DO NOT!!!!!!! I tried canceling on the day they told me to call and they told me I had to call by the day before, not what they said! So I told them cancel everything now I don’t want any more of your product as it does not work and the product is junk. Site says you get a trial and then you will be charged for the next bottle that comes. Well when they charged my account they said the $80 is for the bottle I already had for the trial!!!! They would only offer me 30% back for a refund, I asked them can I not just mail you back the product and they told me No! They completely lied as their terms and conditions clearly state that you may return the bottle or whatever product was left for a full guaranteed refund!!!! Gauranteed my a**!!!! Complete dishonest money-making scheme. They only wanted to go around and round reading their manuscripts on the benefits and how it’s such a great product rather than letting me talk to a supervisor like I only asked about 30 times, every time is asked they said we don’t have them available to speak to you! Are you freakin kidding me! Complete lies over and over, worst customer service ever. On the other point they said I needed to call in by Sunday to cancel, I told him well according to your emails and website you are not open on Sunday, there are no Sunday hours listed. His response was well it doesn’t say specifically that we are closed, someone would have been here to take your call. If you are open on Sunday then put that you have customer service hours on Sunday on your site! Again another lie! Extremely untrustworthy/dishonest company!!!!!! They will do/say anything just to get you off the phone, I am a very polite person and know that screaming and yelling gets you no where when talking to customer service, well peeps, politeness gets you no where here. Worst customer service if have ever dealt with!

    • Meredith,
      I totally agree. I tried canceling by phone, email and got no assisstance whatsoever. I was charged after I canceled and was told that I didn’t contact the number in small print. I even told them that I canceled through email also. I was charged $89.96 for the green coffee cleanse ultra and another $89.92 for the garcinia cambogia plus. A total scam. They said I could only get 37.42 back as a refund. I then asked if they mailed out the bottles they charged me for and was told no because I canceled. What a scam. I tell everyone not to get the scam. Just think it was recommended by Dr. OZ. I wonder if he knows its a scam.

  5. I recieved an email from Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra, I opened and they gave a speel of paying the shipping for a Trial Offer. I responded and recieved the shipment from the Call Center in Norcross, GA in a small plastic bag with only the bottle, No instructions, Nothing but the bottle that instructed me how to take the product, the address of the call center, Norcross, GA.was the only printed material on the package. A legitimate commpany would at least put some of their advertisement in the package with the product. I tried to return the empty bottle (as on another website for Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra said if you were unhappy with the results to call for an RMA number and if I sent the empty bottle they would refund my $89.96. I called and they refused to Refund as they said I should have done this within 30 days of taking this product. The company is a SCAM,, The product does not do what it says. It did not remove my fat belly, and I did not lose weight, in fact I did exactly as the instructions on the bottle said and I gained 3 lbs. They are a Scam and should be stopped from Advertising as t;hey do.

  6. I also ordered these 2 SAMPLE PRODUCTS FOR $4.95 EACH. Within 2 weeks they began sending products at full price! I e-mailed immediately…at first there was no reply! 3-4 emails later I got a call from a customer service rep. I told them I did not want either product…cancel immediately. Was told that I signed up when I bought the sample! Was told to send copies of my original order….sure! Cancel immediately…I just received (yesterday) my third unordered bottle of Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra and it will once again be charged to my credit card! What do I have to do to get a refund and cancel this product for good?

    • you might have to go to your bank and go in and tell them the situation and make a claim to the charges. that would be the best bet….ive had to do it before

  7. I purchased the 30-day product for $4.95 after reading and hearing so much about it. However, the customer is forced to make a decision within 15 days of purchase on whether or not the product has worked or has seen any results. Otherwise, they charge your credit card $89.96. Then they request for you to return the product (if used, with a substantial amount of pills) in order to avoid charges. This is absurd. Your better off drinking prune juice and getting a better cleanse.

  8. I purchased the 30-day product for 4.95 and thought I was getting the product for that price. Later I found that this was only good for 14-day trial and I got billed for 89.96. When I got the credit card bill I complained but it was too late. The product they shipped was not worth anything close to 89.96. So I got SCREWED by this company. DO NOT GET TRAPPED by THIS 4.95 TRAP.

    The people running this scam are absolute CROOKS.

  9. I to sell for this gimmick . But decided to nip it in the butt before they have a chance to charge me. I just got off the phone with my bank and cancelled the card I used to purchase the trial. They’re sending me a new card. Yayyy , try it now you scammers!!!!

  10. I just ordered this product today, I was intrigued by the “flashy advertisements” and also the 4.95 free trial offer, after reading the T&C’s carefully and reading all these reviews I cancelled the order before they could ship it out of their warehouse. It is really sad you can’t get what they tell you without getting ripped off how ridiculous. But, thanks to all these reviews I certainly appreciate them, they saved me about $90 bucks!!

  11. These people are complete a*****. They are very rude to you and have way to much attitude I paid the shipping which was 4.95 and didn’t realize they would charge me 91$ for a piece of crap product that did not work. They deserve to be shut down and loose there company hopefully the center burns to dust for all the people that they ripped off too bad there isn’t a corporate office so I can speak to them about the shitty customer service and the broken agreements I learned my lesson. Nothing in this world is ever free.

  12. I ordered the same two products for $5.95. When i realized it was for only 14 day trial and they would charge you amd obseen amount. I canceled the order before they could send it out but sure enough they did anyhow. I immediately contacted them to ship it back, got my rma numbers too. I called and called and I guess they realized that I wouldnt stop, maybe they didnt want the trouble of giving me a prepaid shipping label. They emailed me saying,” they want me to reap the full benefits of their product, so keep it”. We shall see. I havent been charged anymore than the $5.95

    • You got lucky. I called on day 12 because it was bothering my stomach and they said I was too late and would have to pay 89,00 and change. I called the bank and they spoke to the man and reinbursed me
      $ 56,00 They are disgusting.

  13. I am pasting this page to every form of social media I have. This company is horrible and needs to be stopped. Their customer service is horrible and they will not refund money even when they’ve not provided any products.

  14. Nothing is free. Especially anything that is this miraculous. Yet, anyone who would like to try it can do so by buying it at any Walmart. One can purchase the Green Coffee bean Extract 800mg pills for less than $10. Also, the Garcinia Cambogia (which is affiliated and has been sold paired with the Green Coffee Bean pills) are also available at Walmart for under $10 @ 1600mg per pill.

  15. This company is a total rip off. DO NOT BUY THEIR PRIDUCTS. I DID NOT SEE THEIR LITTLE DISCLOSURE IN THE END I AM CHARGED 89.96 AND 89.92. Oh bullshit they will return ur membership fee of 39.95. They are fruckin scamming company. On the bottle it says u can return product but when u call them they will say sorry no can do.once it leaves the company. i would give them ratings of 0’s all.the way across the board. Telling me not to get upset on phone. But they can take ur product and shove it where the sun dont shine

  16. This company is a complete fraud is right!!! They charged me $4.99 & $1.99 for the trial of Green Coffee Bean Extract and the next thing I knew I was charged for $89.99 with no notice. I never saw anything indicating that I would be charged that amount. There is no way that I would have ever paid that amount for this product. Just like the other complaints, I too, suggest to everyone that you DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!!! Another thing that I suggest to everyone is to notify your bank and stop the company from being able to deduct from your account in the future and to file a claim regarding any unauthorized charges. I would also suggest that everyone go to Dr. Oz’s website to let him know how these people at (**no links allowed***) are a complete fraud/scam. The people at Nutra Advanced must be connected to the Burn Fat company because they did the same thing. I was charged $4.95 and a few days later I was charged $79.68. BOTH COMPANIES ARE SCAMS!! TRUST ME, DON’T ORDER THESE ONLINE PRODUCTS!!! YOU JUST CAN’T TRUST THEM!!!

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