Should you sign up for a free bottle of Green Coffee Extra Slim?

Should you sign up for a free bottle of Green Coffee Extra Slim?

Sales of supplements containing Green Coffee Beans have exploded this past year, no doubt thanks to its TV appearances. But what makes then so effective at burning fat?

There is nothing magical about Green Coffee Beans, they are simply unroasted so they have not lost the beneficial chlorogenic acid found inside.

This chlorogenic acid or GCA will help to burn stored fat, boost your metabolism and prevent future fat build up. No wonder it is so popular.

One issue with ingredients such as Green Coffee Bean though is that there will be companies out there looking to prey on the insecurities of others by offering ‘free trials’.

Unfortunately you may end up paying a lot more than you expect upon signing up for one.

A supplement offered as a free trial is Green Coffee Extra Slim, but does this automatically mean that it should be avoided?

Claims made by Green Coffee Extra Slim?

It is claimed that using Green Coffee Extra Slim can help:

  • Burn fat without extra exercise
  • Maximise results
  • No side effects

These claims all sound pretty reasonable and are typical of those made by other Green Coffee Bean supplements.

Ingredients found within Green Coffee Extra Slim?

Green Coffee Extra Slim is said to contain 100% natural ingredients in its 900 mg capsules, with no fillers or binders.

Unfortunately there is no mention of the amount of Green Coffee found in these capsules or if any other ingredients have been used.

How much does Green Coffee Extra Slim cost?

The most worrying aspect of Green Coffee Extra Slim is that no prices of the product have been listed on the homepage.

There is a mention of a free trial at the top of form to sign up but there is not even a mention of the price in the terms and conditions.

It seems that they want to get all your information before giving you the price of their product.

In my eyes this is a big red flag that should make you seriously doubt signing up for.

How to contact Green Coffee Extra Slim?

As with the price there is no address, phone number or email address listed on the website.

There is a contact form and live chat option, although this was ‘offline’ at the time of writing.

Is Green Coffee Extra Slim a scam?

There is nothing to suggest that Green Coffee Extra Slim is anything but a scam. No prices listed and no contact details should tell you that this is not the supplement you should be trying.

A free trial is obviously going to be enticing, but would you really want to give away all your details on a product that cannot list their own?

In our opinion you would be better looking for an alternative.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Which Green Coffee Bean supplement is recommended?

Our recommendation for a Green Coffee Bean supplement is Svetol Green Coffee sold online by Evolution Slimming.

Svetol Green Coffee contains 50% GCA, with virtually no caffeine (less than 2%) compared to other brands (despite reports to the contrary, Green Coffee Beans contain caffeine), which means that it is incredibly safe to use.

It will cost £24.95 for a months supply, without you every having to sign up for a monthly auto-ship program.

Click here to buy Svetol Green Coffee!

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