Green Coffee Program Review

Green Coffee Program Review

Green Coffee Bean supplements are continuing to sell in large numbers, obviously its appearance on the Dr Oz Show is fresh in your heads.

Unfortunately despite its ability to aid your own weight loss efforts not all the supplements that contain this fat burning ingredient have proven to be a good choice.

Some products do not contain enough beneficial ingredients to promote any weight loss, while others are overpriced.

Green Coffee Program is a weight loss supplement that is available on a trial, is this product a good option or is it best avoided? Lets find out for ourselves shall we?

Benefits of Green Coffee Program

The following health benefits have been claimed on the Green Coffee Program website:

  • Premium quality pure Green Coffee Beans
  • Safe to take with no drugs

Surprisingly Green Coffee Program does not make many health claims, therefore you have to read the information on the website, or know a little bit about the benefits beforehand.

Ingredients of Green Coffee Program

Green Coffee Program has its label available to view on the website, which shows that each serving will contain 800 mg of Green Coffee Beans.

What is unusual is that the term ‘proprietary’ is used to describe the dosage, as Green Coffee Program claims to be made from pure ingredients.

Proprietary usually means that it contains some of the ingredient and that the manufacturer is not willing to disclose its dosage.

The dosage of Green Coffee Program sounds okay and taking this supplement alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise should result in weight loss.

Price of Green Coffee Program

The price of Green Coffee Program is slightly confusing as there is no mention of prices on the homepage.

Looking in the terms and conditions you will find the following text:

“This is not a trial offer or a continuity based program.”

Again this is a little misleading as signing up for this product will initially cost $4.95, 7 days later you will be charged $87.87 with 3 subsequent monthly charges thereafter.

In my opinion this sounds just like a trial that leads onto an auto ship program.

If you are not happy with your purchase you can return the product, which will cost you a $14.95 restocking fee.

Is Green Coffee Program a scam?

Green Coffee Program have laid out their payment terms in their T&Cs, but the product itself is overpriced.

Hiding the price is a little underhand and many people are likely to sign up due to the initial low cost only to get a surprise charge 7 days later.

This supplement is best avoided, there are better and more cost effective options available.

Contact details for Green Coffee Program

You can contact Green Coffee Program by phone on 1-877-624-8710 or by email at questions@greencoffeeprogram.com

You will need to phone to get an RMA before sending the supplement back for a refund.

If you have tried this supplement please leave us a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Green Coffee Program

If you are looking for an alternative to Green Coffee Program you need look no further than Svetol Green Coffee.

This supplement is made using the exact type Green Coffee Beans recommended by Dr Oz himself, and as they contain less caffeine than regular Green Coffee Beans there is less chance of suffering from any side effect.

You can buy Svetol Green Coffee from Evolution Slimming for just $39, which you can plainly see is a much cheaper alternative.

Click here to read our review of Svetol Green Coffee!

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