7 Sins that Halt Weight Loss

7 Sins that Halt Weight Loss

If you have made the decision to lose weight then diet and exercise are certainly going to help you achieve your goal.

However, what may halt your progress are certain habits that you may not realise had an impact on your weight.

Here are 8 sins that halt weight loss:

#1: You stay up too late

If you stay up to late then it is doubtful that you are getting enough sleep, which can cause problems.

A lack of sleep can cause a rise in cortisol production, which will make you more likely to snack the following day.

You will also find that your leptin levels will also be lower; this is the hormone that signals your brain that it is full, therefore if these levels are low you will probably eat more without realising you are getting full.

To make sure you are getting enough sleep I recommend you try to get a minimum of 7-8 hours per night.

#2: You eat too fast

When you eat your brain will take 20-30 minutes to receive the signal from your stomach that it is full.

Unfortunately during this time you may have overeaten, which is definitely not going to be a good idea if you wish to lose weight.

My advice would be to slow down the rate that you eat your food. Chew it thoroughly (experts recommend 30-40 times before swallowing) and you will automatically slow down.

Chewing thoroughly will also help the digestive process too, as the food will start to be broken down before it even enters your stomach.

#3: You are stressed

As with staying up late, too much stress can cause your bodies production of cortisol to sky-rocket.

If you struggle with stress then there are ways that you can try to manage it. For example you could try yoga or meditation, even a nice hot bath with your favourite book could help relieve stress.

#4: You drink too much coffee

Too much caffeine from coffee equals a rise in cortisol, which we have discussed already.

Also most of us like our coffee to contain milk, cream and sugar that should really be avoided if we want to lose weight.

#5: You eat too much processed food

There is a reason why most experts would recommend that you cut back on your intake of processed food.

Not only does it contain sugars and fats, but it can also cause inflammation in your body that can negatively affect how your body processes food.

If possible you should choose fresh alternatives every time.

#6: You don’t drink enough water

There are numerous reasons why you should be drinking more water than you currently consume.

For a start it is a much better alternative to the soft drinks you would usually choose. Not only because water contains zero calories, but also because it can help cut your appetite too.

Consuming water can also help to flush out those toxins that prevent weight loss from occurring, plus the removal of these toxins will give you clearer skin, which is a bonus.

#7: You skip meals

You may (wrongly) believe that skipping meals will be helpful for weight loss, when in reality this is not true. In fact it may hinder your efforts.

When you skip meals your blood sugar levels will remain low, which will leave you craving high-sugar meals.

You will also find that your metabolism will also remain slow, so you wont be burning off the same amount of calories you would if you were to eat at regular intervals.

Rather than skipping meals my suggestion to you would be to eat more often. Instead of 3 large meals, eat 4-5 smaller ones to keep you feeling full and to ensure your metabolism is working to its max.

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