5 Things you say that are harming your weight loss efforts

5 Things you say that are harming your weight loss efforts

When it comes to dieting and weight loss we all start our journey with great intentions to finally reach your goal. Unfortunately along the way these good intentions seem so far away as your bad habits start to take over.

Maybe the reason why you are unable to reach your weight loss goals is that your mindset is wrong, and you are unwittingly telling yourself you cannot reach them.

Here are some common things we all say that could be harming your weight loss efforts:

#1 – We use the word ‘try

This is something many of us use, ‘I will try to exercise’, ‘I will try to eat more healthily’.

Does this sound familiar to you? If it is then you need to change.

Instead of saying that you will ‘try’, instead you need to change your mindset. Set yourself goals that you can achieve and stick to them. No more excuses.

#2 – You say ‘I don’t

From ‘I don’t like exercise’ to ‘I don’t eat well’, if you doubt that you can achieve something then it is unlikely that you will succeed.

Instead of saying ‘I don’t’ change it to ‘I am’ and put a little bit of positivity into your efforts.

#3 – Everything is ‘tomorrow

I will start eating healthily tomorrow’ or ‘I will go to the gym tomorrow’ are likely things that you have said in the past.

All you are doing is telling yourself is that you are not ready to achieve your goals.

Again, change your mindset. Change ‘tomorrow’ for ‘today’ and stop making excuses.

#4 – It’s going to take ‘forever

Weight loss may not happen overnight but it is certainly not going to take forever.

Instead of becoming daunted by the journey ahead, set achievable goals that you can reach.

#5 – ‘I used to

Stop dwelling on the past. Even if you used to be slim you cant get caught up on it as you may start to believe you will never get there again.

Of course if you taste a little success with your current efforts you should be pleased but don’t dwell on it. Keep pushing forward to your next goal and you will eventually reach your goal weight.

In conclusion

Remember, if you want to lose weight you may need to change your mindset. Stop with the excuses, there is nothing but yourself standing in your way of success.

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