7 Methods to Help Heal Your Thyroid

7 Methods to Help Heal Your Thyroid

Your thyroid is a gland that manages various bodily functions by secreting hormones when required.

These functions include your ability to metabolise food, your sleep patterns, your weight, as well as your mood, depression and anxiety.

If your thyroid is not functioning as it should then you could be more prone to weight gain and the health issues that come with it.

If you suspect that you have a hormone issue then your first point of call maybe your doctor, who will perform a series of blood tests before prescribing you various medicines to help treat the hormone imbalance.

While this can be effective, there are other options available.

Please read on discover these methods you can use to heal your thyroid.

#1: Make sure you are getting enough Iodine

Iodine is a trace mineral that is used by the thyroid gland to produce the hormone thyroxine, which is the main hormone that is produced by the gland.

To make sure you do not have a deficiency of Iodine I would recommend that you increase your intake of seaweeds like kelp, nori and kombu.

These seaweeds also contain other minerals such as pantothenic acid and riboflavin that can help treat anxiety and depression.

#2: Make sure you consume plenty of protein

Eating protein is a good tip in general for good health and weight loss, but speaking about your thyroid in particular protein can help transport the hormones that it produces.

Try to add the following protein source to your diet:

  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Fish
  • Legumes

While avoiding those made using soy, for example tofu and soy milk. The reason for this is that the soy can stop the cell receptors of your thyroid, therefore disrupting its function.

#3: Try to avoid goitrogens

Goitrogens are found in certain foods and can interfere with your bodies ability to absorb iodine.

Foods such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflowers, turnips, peanuts, radishes, soybeans, spinach and kale all contain goitrogens, but only when eaten in raw form.

To remove these compounds you simply need to cook them.

#4: Is your gut healthy?

Your thyroid relies on good gut health, so if your gut health is not as it should neither will your thyroid.

To improve gut health I would recommend taking a probiotic. Garlic can also kill yeast, but your breath may stink.

#5: Try to eat more fat

This may seem surprising, as fat causes you to gain weight doesn’t it?

Fatty fishWell, this is a myth as your body needs fat for a variety of bodily functions, including your ability to produce and regulate hormones via your thyroid.

This does not mean that all fats are good for your either, the type found in junk foods are best avoided.

What you need are good fats such as those found in ghee, nuts, butter, coconut oil, flaxseeds, chia seeds and fatty fish like salmon.

#6: Try to cut back on sugar

Sugar is highly addictive but that is not the only issue.

When foods high in sugar are eaten it causes a spike in your insulin levels. When this occurs your adrenal glands will produce excess levels of cortisol.

Unfortunately, this cortisol can stop your pituitary gland from functioning, which can also have an effect on how your thyroid functions too.

#7: Cut our processed foods

Artificial sweeteners and other chemical additives should also be cut from your diet if you suspect you have a thyroid issue.

These additives can also affect the thyroid negatively. I would recommend sticking to whole foods instead.

Whole foods are those that are minimally processed, so do not contain many additives.


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