5 Health Benefits of Exercise that don’t include Weight Loss

5 Health Benefits of Exercise that don’t include Weight Loss

You may think that the only reason you should exercise is for weight loss.

However let me tell you that the health benefits of exercise are huge, and that if you value your overall health then you need to include some exercise daily. Even if you are not trying to lose any weight.

#1: It can cheer you up

Have you ever heard the term “runners high”? Well, what it means is that during exercise your heart rate increases, you will work up a sweat and a chemical reaction will occur within your body that will leave you feeling euphoric.

This is because feel-good endorphins will be released, which can help to relieve depression and other feelings of sadness.

These endorphins can also help to relieve pain and can help relax you. This is why once you start exercising regularly you may find it hard to stop, as these feelings are addictive.

#2: You will experience better sleep

If you go to bed full of energy or with your mind full of stress then it is unlikely that you are going to get a good nights sleep.

With a good workout done, chances are you will be physically tired and your stress may have been relieved.

#3: Better heart health

The heart is a muscle, so it makes sense that exerting it with exercise will ensure it grows stronger.

Heart HealthTo avoid suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease then regular aerobic exercise is recommended. There are numerous studies that back up the benefits of exercise for heart health.

#4: Stronger bones

As we age you may find that you will become less active, which can lead to your bone strength deteriorating.

Research has shown though that regular exercise, in particular weight training can help to maintain or even increase bone density.

To help reduce the symptoms of arthritis you should make sure to get regular exercise.

#5: Improve your mental clarity and sharpness

Different forms of exercise require coordination and judgement, and as you are moving faster you will need to make decisions faster and your had-eye coordination is needed too.

As we age this mental clarity and sharpness may lessen, but with regular exercise it may slow the rate it diminishes.

Studies have even shown that regular resistance (weight) training and aerobic exercise could prevent the onset of both dementia and Alzheimers. This is because exercise can stimulate your hippocampus part of the brain, which will increase mental retention and mental clarity.


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