Weight Loss & Health Benefits of Green Mango

Weight Loss & Health Benefits of Green Mango

You have probably heard countless times how you should be eating more fresh fruit and vegetables if you wish to lose weight and improve your health.

Of course bananas or apples are an easy option, but if maybe a little boring eating the same type of fruit every day.

There are literally dozens of different fruits you can eat, with many offering various health benefits.

Take the green (raw) mango for example, this tangy fruit is full of nutrients that can offer various benefits to those who eat them.

Below you will find a few reasons why you should add raw mangoes to your daily diet.

Health Benefit #1: Prevent acne

Raw mango has astringent properties that can help prevent oil and from accumulating in your skin pores.

To experience the benefits you should boil a piece of raw mango in water. You should then apply it to your face before going to bed. This should them be washed off with warm water the following morning.

Health Benefit #2: Relief from heatstroke

If you are suffering from heatstroke and are looking for a way to replace the lost fluid from your body, then sipping a glass of Aam Panna will help.

Aam Panna is made using a mixture of raw mango, sugar and a variety of spices. There are a variety of recipes online.

Health Benefit #3: Maintains blood pressure

Raw mango is full of potassium that can help you to maintain electrolyte balance, which in turn helps to maintain blood pressure.

The ability to maintain your blood pressure helps to lower your risk of heart disease.

Health Benefit #4: Improve digestion

If you find yourself bloated often, perhaps it is due to a digestive issue.

Benefits of Green MangoRaw or green mango contain compounds and fibre that can stimulate the production of digestive juices.

To experience this improved digestion you can simply snack on the Mangoes throughout the day.

Health Benefit #5: Boosts your immune system

If you find that you are always getting colds or the flu then this could be due to a poor immune system.

Luckily for you raw mango is full of vitamin C and other antioxidants that can help to lower your risk of infection by boosting your immune system.

Health Benefit #6: Prevent skin ageing

The antioxidants found in raw mango can help your body produce collagen, which is a key component to healthier skin.

Healthy skin will make you appear younger.

Final thoughts on Green Mango

There is no reason why you cannot add green mango to your current diet.

Fruit and vegetables are a definite improvement on junk food and makes an ideal snack food for when food cravings arise.

The various health benefits of green mango make them a good alternative to the usual fruit choices.

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