8 Tips for a Healthy Detox

8 Tips for a Healthy Detox

To kick-start your latest weight loss attempt many experts would recommend a short cleanse to remove some of the built up waste and toxins found in your body.

This short detox will help give your energy levels a boost, improve digestion and help clear your skin so it is well worth the effort.

Here are a few tips to ensure you experience a healthy detox:

Tip #1: Swap alcohol and coffee for herbal tea

By replacing alcohol and coffee with nettle tea for example you will be able to better support your kidneys.

Tip #2: Drink more water

To flush out that waste material you will need to drink more water.

Try to aim for around 1 litre of water to be drunk daily, which may sound a lot but if you keep a bottle with you it is possible to do it just by sipping regularly.

Tip #3: Cut out those fizzy drinks

Rather than reaching for a caffeinated drink when you are thirsty perhaps you should choose a fresh juice instead.

Good options include carrot, beetroot and cucumber juices as they are all nourishing and cleansing.

Tip #4: Stop eating ready meals and biscuits

Processed foods should be avoided if possible, especially while you are undergoing a detox.

Instead you should choose to eat fresh foods as they are much better for you.

How you prepare these foods is also important, so you should steam, boil or poach these foods in order to keep the goodness within them.

Tip #5: Choose organic

While you undergo your detox you should try to avoid those foods that have been sprayed with pesticides, therefore if possible organic is what you should choose.

Tip #6: Eat at least 5 portions of fruit daily

DetoxIf possible your diet should consist of around 60% vegetables. Just make sure to eat a wide variety so that you do not become bored with them.

Tip #7: Eat less animal products

This not only means meat but also dairy too.

Soya or nut milk is a good alternative to cow’s milk, while the protein you would consume through meat can be replaced by eating lentils, beans, quinoa, seeds and nuts.

Tip #8: Get plenty of exercise and sleep

One of the key components of weight loss is exercise, it is also important during a detox as it will help to ‘sweat out the toxins’.

Allowing yourself to rest is also important, so make sure you get at least 8 hours sleep each night in order to start the next day refreshed. Otherwise if you are tired you will be more likely to want to reach for the junk food.

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