Changes From Healthy Eating in Just 2 Weeks?

Changes From Healthy Eating in Just 2 Weeks?

Nowadays no one has any patience, but the reality is that if you want to lose weight and get in shape it may take a little time.

This is not to say that within those first 2 weeks big changes cannot be made.

After-all, it is during this time that you should put into place the new habits that will ensure you see those long-term results you hope for.

So what should you be doing in these first 2 weeks for best long-term results?

#1: You need to clean up your diet

Out should go the junk foods and instead you should focus on ‘whole’ foods, which are food that have been minimally processed.

The reason for this is not only because these whole foods are naturally lower in calories, but they are also a good source of the nutrients your body requires for good health.

You should also try to eat a good protein and fibre source with each meal too.

Both nutrients will keep you feeling full, while the protein will help release energy slowly, which will stop those sugar highs and falls you would experience eating processed carbs.

The fibre on the other hand will also help boost your digestive health, so your bowel movements will become more regular.

#2: Plan ahead

This is especially important for those of you who lead busy lives, who will sometimes fall back into their old bad habits when time is short.

If you know you are going to be busy then you can prep meals ready to warm up rather than buying a takeaway or microwave meal.

Being prepared will help keep you on the straight-and-narrow.

#3: Get some exercise

To improve your health as well as aiding your weight loss efforts then you need to put a plan in place to get some regular exercise.

Healthy EatingWhen you first start this maybe just a walk every night, but you must aim to push yourself that little bit harder each time you exercise.

#4: Be consistent

If you want to see results then you need to be consistent and not quit your efforts at the first sign of trouble.

As long as you eat healthily the majority of the time then the occasional indulgence will not harm.

A good way to remain motivated throughout would be to find a friend or family member to go through the journey with you.

Doing so will keep you both accountable for your actions.

#5: Avoid fad diets

No doubt you have seen them in the latest celebrity gossip magazine, how your favourite celeb managed to lose the baby weight in just a week.

Well, the truth is that these fad diets don’t work.

Forget about losing a huge amount of weight in a fortnight, as the approach needed will not be safe and any weight lost will likely return as quickly as it was originally lost.

If you follow the tips above though then you will soon start to see some positive results without having to risk your long-term health.



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