Is “healthy food” causing weight gain?

Is “healthy food” causing weight gain?

While you will often here health gurus saying how you should be cutting back on the junk food, what you may not hear them saying is that certain “healthy food” may also cause weight gain.

If you have made the decision to lose weight but despite eating healthier have been unable to lose the weight you wanted then maybe there is a reason.

Read on to find out why healthy food may be causing weight gain.

#1: Health food that isn’t healthy

You will see it all the time in the supermarket, where there will be shelf after shelf of low-fat or low-calorie alternatives of your favourite foods.

What you may fail to understand is that many of these so-called healthy foods contain hidden sugars and salt that will certainly ruin your efforts to lose weight.

Some of the worst examples include:

  1. Muffins – Basically cake
  2. Fruit juice – Liquid sugar
  3. Frozen healthy meals – Full of artificial preservatives and salt
  4. Fat-free snacks – Often all nutrients are removed with plenty of artificial rubbish added

To avoid falling foul of these food types you need to start taking a moment to read the labels before you add the food to your basket.

Next time you are in your local supermarket take a look at the labels of those foods you have been eating in an attempt to be healthy. You will be surprised by what you will learn.

#2: Eating too much healthy food

Even healthy food contains calories for the most part, therefore you need to be careful to exercise a little portion control even for those foods you know are healthy.

Take almonds for example, these can be a perfect snack for when you are feeling peckish between meals.

However, if you are not careful and consume too many then your calorie intake will get out of control leading to weight gain.

Again, it is best that you know the calorie and nutritional content of the food you are eating so that you can make an informed choice of what to eat, and how much.

Final words of advice

If you want to successfully lose weight you need to keep track of what you are doing.

Get a food journal and write down what you are eating, that way you will know exactly what you are doing right and wrong so are able to make changes if necessary.

You may also want to write down your activity levels and may also find that keeping track of your results will help keep your motivation levels high.

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