5 Healthy Snacks that are Making you Hungry

5 Healthy Snacks that are Making you Hungry

When you are feeling peckish between meals it will be normal to reach for a snack, yet if you are trying to lose weight you most certainly should not be reaching for the chocolate or crisps.

Other snacks may also not be as healthy an option as you would think either.

Take cereal bars and rice cakes for example, these foods are often full of sugar that will give you an initial boost of energy, yet because they are burnt quickly will only leave you feeling hungry.

So what other healthy snacks are actually making you hungry?

#1: Sushi

While some forms of sushi can be deemed good food for weight loss, certain types contain very little protein but a high percentage of carbohydrates.

Of course, not all carbs are bad for you, but sushi is often made using white short grain rice, which is quickly digested by your body.

This results in a sharp spike in your blood sugar levels, followed by a sharp fall. When this occurs you will experience significant cravings for more sugary foods.

This is not the only issue with sushi either, as it is full of salt too, thanks to the soy sauce. Plus any tempura should be avoided as it is fried in vegetable oil. Another no-go for anyone trying to lose weight.

The healthiest sushi are those made from brown rice, as this is slower to digest.

#2: Yoghurt

You may think that low-fat yoghurts are the ideal snack food, however this is unlikely to be the case.

This is because those yoghurts labelled as low-fat are usually full of sugars.

Instead of choosing these low-fat varieties go for a natural yoghurt and add in a few of your own seeds and berries. A good option is chia seeds as they are full of vital nutrients that can also help to curb your hunger.

#3: Nuts

You will often hear nutritional experts stating that nuts are the perfect healthy snack. Yet if you do not monitor the amount you eat then you may find that weight gain could become a big issue.

To curb your cravings you should stick to around 6 nuts, any more and you maybe consuming more calories than you should.

Also try to stay away from peanuts, in particular those coated in salt or sugar for obvious reasons, instead try eating walnuts.

#4: Energy bars

Energy BarUnsurprisingly energy bars have been created to boost your energy levels, however many of them achieve this goal as they are full of sugar, which will only provide a short term boost.

When this sugar is burnt, you will suffer an energy slump where you will crave even more sugar.

#5: Dried fruit

As with nuts, dried fruit if not eaten in moderation can cause weight gain.

The reason for this is that dried fruit is simply fruit that has had its water content removed. You can therefore consume many more calories than you may realise.

If you are hungry between your mealtimes it is best to choose fresh fruit instead.

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