4 Methods to Help Burn Calories at Home

4 Methods to Help Burn Calories at Home

If you have gained a few pounds recently then you should be concerned at the higher risk of developing numerous health conditions.

For those who lead busy lives it can be difficult to lose weight, especially finding the time to exercise, but there are methods you can use to help burn calories at home. Please read on to discover what these methods are.

#1: Turn your housework into a workout

Even though we all hate doing the housework, if you are trying to lose weight then doing it will certainly help to burn calories.

You could even turn your regular housework into a workout, which will help burn even more calories than normal.

The following video will give you a few ideas of how you can turn housework into a workout.

#2: Take the stairs

If you live in a flat or apartment then chances are you will have an elevator as well as the stairs.

To burn off more calories make sure to take the stairs. Climbing those steps is a great leg and butt workout.

For those who live in a house, make sure to walk up those stairs often.

#3: Go shopping

This is not strictly a tip for the home, but it is a way to burn calories that does not involve the gym.

Just walking the streets browsing those windows will burn off hundreds of calories. You can burn even more by using public transport and leaving your car at home.

#4: Watch a funny film

Watching a funny film can offer various weight loss benefits.

Firstly 15 minutes of laughter can burn off roughly the same number of calories as a 30 minute stroll.

It can also help reduce stress and depression, which will help reduce bouts of emotional eating.

Reducing stress can also reduce the amount of cortisol produced. This a stress hormone that causes cravings, and stops fat from being burnt.

Final words of wisdom

While the above tips will certainly help burn off calories, don’t forget that your diet is the most important aspect of any weight loss effort.

If you are eating junk foods every day then chances are you will struggle to lose weight.

You need to sacrifice these unhealthy foods and opt for healthy foods.

That means more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as good sources of both fibre and protein-rich foods.

What you drink is also important, so try to avoid those soft drinks. Also, try to avoid adding too much sugar to your hot beverages too.

Diet options are best avoided, as they have been shown to cause cravings for sugary foods.

Personally I would recommend opting for plain tap water. The reason for this is that it is free from calories and can help curb your appetite.


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