4 Tips to Help Exercise Become Routine

4 Tips to Help Exercise Become Routine

If your aim is to lose weight and become healthier then you will need to look at what you are eating. It is also recommended that you look to increase the amount of exercise you perform.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise every week, but the vast majority of us get less than this.

No wonder then that obesity rates are on the rise, along with the associated health conditions that arise when you are overweight.

So how can you increase the amount of exercise you perform weekly? Here are some tips that will help exercise become routine.

#1: Recognise the health benefits of exercise

Once you realise the health benefits of exercise then you will be more likely to make it part of your daily routine.

Here are just a few of the health benefits:

  • Helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Helps improve your mood and confidence
  • Helps to boost energy levels
  • Helps promote better sleep

Plus, as regular exercise can help you to both lose and maintain lost weight the numerous health conditions associated with being overweight will be reduced.

#2: Make exercise motivating

If your current exercise regime is not motivating and is boring then you are less likely to want to do it.

Try listening to some upbeat music when you workout, or go to the gym with a friend or family member. You can both push each other to work that much harder through motivation.

A little friendly competition may be a good idea too.

#3: Reward yourself

A reward can be a good way to encourage you to workout more regularly, but this does not mean with food, especially if your aim is to lose a few pounds.

ExerciseThere are plenty of activities that you can do as a reward. For example you could book a show or a spa day. Even a trip to the local cinema could be a good motivational tool.

#4: Monitor your progress

Once you start working out regularly you will start to notice your fitness will improve and you will no longer find yourself so tired walking to the top of your stairs.

You should aim to workout that little bit harder the next time you visit the gym. It is go good simply going through the motions with exercise, you need to give 100% each time you visit.

A good way to push yourself would be to sign up for an upcoming event, maybe a 5k or 10k run for example.

You know that you may not be able to run that distance currently, but if you put in the effort then you will soon be able to achieve the goal.

Remember what you eat is not the only variable when it comes to weight loss and good health, there are plenty of others that need to be taken into consideration including exercise.

With a few changes to your diet and with regular exercise you will soon start to see a difference both on the outside and the inside of your body.

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