6 Methods to Help Weight Loss Stick

6 Methods to Help Weight Loss Stick

To lose weight takes time and effort, but once you achieve your weight loss goals it wont be time to slack off.

Keeping the weight loss off long-term is just as hard, if not harder, which is why so few manage to achieve it.

Here are some tips to help ensure your weight loss sticks.

#1: Remind yourself “why” you wanted to lose weight

When you first made the decision to lose weight there must have been a reason why.

Perhaps it was purely for aesthetic reasons, or vanity, or maybe it was due to a health scare.

Whatever the reason you need to start remembering so that you can continue to work just as hard to maintain your weight losses.

#2: Believe in yourself

Once you start doubting your ability to maintain your weight loss then chances are the weight will start to creep on.

Try to remain positive and take the steps you know are needed to maintain your weight. You know what needs to be done as you have already made good progress to get to your goal weight.

#3: Set short and long-term goals

Just like when you first decided to lose weight, you need to continue setting yourself goals. Otherwise you could end up simply drifting for a while with no purpose.

I would recommend setting those smaller goals first, make them specific and realistic so that you can easily achieve them, helping to ensure you remain motivated for the rest of your journey.

#4: Join a support group

Of course the support you get from friends and family is important, but they may not be undergoing the same journey as you.

Tips for Weight LossSometimes it is best to speak to others who maybe experiencing the same issues, which is why joining a local weight loss group will be beneficial.

Even joining a Facebook group could help. You can talk about any issues you are experiencing and get encouragement and support from its members.

#5: Try to avoid stress

Stress can cause weight gain, and while it is easy to say to avoid it, you really should try.

Also, a lack of sleep can cause weight gain too. So if possible try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Yoga and meditation are good methods to relieve stress and can help with any sleep problems too.

Even a nice hot bath with your favourite book would help.

#6: Be proud of your progress

You have done really well to achieve your weight loss goals, so you should remind yourself often.

Think about how your life has changed, has your energy levels increased, what about your body confidence?

Doing so will help ensure you get that extra motivation to keep the weight off and not fall back into your old habits that caused the weight gain in the first place.

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