Hidden calories in diet food

Hidden calories in diet food

Although you would expect diet foods to be healthy many contain hidden calories that will ruin your weight loss attempt.

In this article we will look at some of the worst offenders that you should keep an eye out for.

#1 Hidden calories in cereal bars

A cereal bar for breakfast or a midmorning snack may seem like a good idea as they are often made from whole grains, making them healthy right?

Unfortunately many of these cereal bars contain sugar and fat for flavour so your calorie intake is likely to sky rocket.

Always read the label before you buy, and aim to eat those free from trans-fats and preservatives.

#2 Hidden calories in vitamin water

Vitamin water may claim to be healthy but in reality the are full of sugar so are therefore high in calories.

Rather than drinking vitamin water choose plain water from the tap. It is cheaper and a much healthier option.

#3 Hidden calories in hummus

Hummus is a supposedly healthy snack made from chickpeas, sesame paste, olive oil, lemon and cumin.

Although full of protein, fibre, good fats and vitamins the oil content will raise your daily calorie consumption.

Using a little moderation is the key to enjoying hummus.

#4 Hidden calories in salad

Although a salad itself will not contain many calories once you start to add those dressings, croutons and fatty meats the calorie count will jump.

Hidden calories in saladTry to avoid the dressing and pick a healthy meat such as chicken, turkey or an oily fish instead.

#5 Hidden calories in low fat yoghurt

Even if a yoghurt says ‘low fat’ does not mean that it is low calorie too.

Often these low fat yoghurts are full of sugar, which means that they may be even more fattening.

Choose a natural, flavour free Greek yoghurt instead of low fat yoghurts, but keep your portion sizes low, while adding fresh fruits for taste.

#6 Hidden calories in fruit juice

Fruit juice may be a healthy drink choice when drunk in moderation. Just make sure to check there are no added sugars.

Drinking more than 1 glass of fruit juice a day will surely raise your calorie intake.

#7 Hidden calories in nuts

Nuts are often thought as great snack to eat between meals while dieting.

They are full of vitamin E, iron, magnesium and protein, however they are also full of fat, which although being the good form of fat will also increase your calorie intake if too many are eaten.

Also makes sure to avoid salted nuts as this type will definitely affect your weight.

#8 Hidden calories in olive oil

Olive oil contain both polyunsaturated fat and oleic acid that can aid slimming, however it also contains a high level of calories (as much as 120 calories per tablespoon).

Of course use a little olive oil for cooking and as a dressing, it is after all one of the best oil choices. Just make sure to use it in moderation.

#9 Hidden calories in dried fruit

Dried fruit can be a great snack that you can use to ward off hunger between mealtimes.

They are after all full of fibre and nutrients, just be careful not to eat too many as just a tablespoon can contain 67 calories.

Those coated with sugar or honey contain even more calories so should be avoided.

#10 Hidden calories in beans

Beans contain high levels of protein and fibre so you would think they were a great food to be eaten while dieting.

Unfortunately beans, in particular the baked variety are full of calories. Those found in tins in particular as the sauce is often full of sugar.

#11 Hidden calories in bananas

When you think of fruit you think about health. While bananas can boost your energy levels they are also full of calories, much more than most other fruits.

Unlike other fruits and vegetables it is best that you eat bananas in moderation.

In conclusion

It is best that you always check the calorie content of the food that you eat.

Even though you may believe that it is healthy and will help you to lose weight, it may contain hidden calories that could derail your weight loss efforts.

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