4 Hidden Factors that can Affect Your Weight

4 Hidden Factors that can Affect Your Weight

Losing weight is about much more than calories in vs calories out, which means that even though you eat healthily and get regular exercise there could be other hidden factors that can affect your weight.

The following article will reveal some of these hidden factors, which will help reassure you that you can still reach your goal weight despite them.

#1: Your house is too warm

We all love our homes to be lovely and warm as this gives it that cozy and homely feeling, yet this could be reducing your ability to lose weight.

Research has shown that just by reducing the temperature on the thermostat could result in more calories being burnt.

This is because if you are cold your body will need to increase its metabolism to keep you warm.

#2: You live too low down

Lose WeightThe altitude that you live your life also has an impact on your weight, with research showing that those who live at higher altitudes are naturally slimmer than those who live at lower altitudes.

We are unsure why this occurs, and there is very little you can do about it. I am pretty sure you wont be moving home just to lose a few extra pounds.

#3: You take too many antibiotics

According to research if you have taken a lot of antibiotics during your lifetime you are at a greater risk of becoming overweight or obese.

The possible reason for this is that the antibiotics can kill off healthy gut bacteria, which have been shown to help prevent weight gain from occurring in the first place.

#4: You don’t own a pet

If you don’t own a pet, in particular a dog then you could be less likely to stay slim.

There are numerous reason why owning a pet could help with weight loss, firstly a dog will need to be walked regularly. Most likely at least once per day, depending on the breed of the dog.

Research has also shown that pets can reduce stress and depression too, which can help reduce comfort eating and other factors that affect your weight.

For example, reducing stress levels can help reduce the production of the hormone cortisol, which will aid your weight loss efforts as cortisol has been shown to cause your body to hold onto its fat reserves.



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