Hiprolean X-S Review

Hiprolean X-S Review

Hiprolean X-S is a high strength fat burner that claims to boost your metabolism and reduce your appetite, which when combined with your own efforts should result in much faster weight loss results.

In this review we will look at this supplement in more detail to see how it works and whether it is safe to use before concluding if it is recommended or not.

Claimed benefits of Hiprolean X-S

Hiprolean X-S is claimed to:

  • Burn fat
  • Increase your metabolic rate
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Boost energy levels

How does Hiprolean X-S work?

Before we start you should know that the X-S in the name stands for ‘extra strength’, which means that this product is not going to be suitable for those not used to the effects caused by stimulants such as Caffeine.

Holly Hagan uses Hiprolean XSAll you need to do to experience the effects of Hiprolean X-S is take 2 capsules daily with water, once before breakfast with another before lunch.

Once consumed the ingredients found within the capsules will be released into your body resulting in an increase in your metabolic rate.

As we all know your metabolic rate is incredibly important for achieving weight loss as when it raised you are able to burn more calories and fat than you would in normal circumstances.

A raised metabolism will also result in a lower appetite, while you will see an increase in your energy levels. Particularly with a product such as this that contains so many stimulants.

Hiprolean X-S used by Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan, one of the stars of the MTV show Geordie Shore has recently revealed that she has used Hiprolean X-S.

As well as her appearances on the show, Holly has been in the headlines for her weight loss success, losing 3 stone and going from a size 16 to a slimline 10. She has also recently released her own diet book that is called Holly Hagan’s Lose Five Pounds In One Week.

Ingredients found in Hiprolean X-S

Unsurprisingly the main ingredient of Hiprolean X-S is a stimulant, with 400 mg of Caffeine found in the formula.

This is not the only ingredient however as it also contains other natural ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Siberian Ginseng, Bladderwrack, Raspberry Ketones as well as Vitamins B6 and B12.

The product label is below for you to view.

Hiprolean X-S label

Potential side effects of Hiprolean X-S

Due to its use of stimulants such as Caffeine, Hiprolean X-S is not recommended for those with existing health conditions such as high blood pressure. You should speak to your doctor if you have an existing condition.

Also you should not take this product if you are pregnant, nursing or under the age of 18.

Potential side effects of Caffeine include headaches, the jitters and insomnia amongst others, however not everyone will encounter such issues.

Is Hiprolean X-S recommended?

Hiprolean X-S is recommended if you want to see real results and are prepared for any potential effects of the stimulants that it is made from.

For best results you should use this fat burner alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise.

A supplement like this is ideal for those looking for extra energy before they go to the gym.

Where to buy Hiprolean X-S?

To buy Hiprolean X-S online you only have to visit the Evolution Slimming website where you will find a months supply available for £49.99. Bigger savings can be made by ordering larger quantities, for example if you order a 3 month supply the cost per bottle will drop to just £39.99.

This is a little more expensive for a weight loss supplement, however this price only reflects the ‘max strength’ of its ingredients that should ensure you see real results.

Buying from Evolution Slimming offers various benefits including:

  • A 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free UK delivery available
  • Delivery within 1-2 days
  • Discreet packaging
  • 7 day diet plan
  • No unauthorised repeat charges or subscriptions

Click here to buy Hiprolean X-S today

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