Avoid weight gain with a Holiday Cheat Sheet

Avoid weight gain with a Holiday Cheat Sheet

With the holidays just around the corner you maybe starting to stress about all those upcoming parties, where you will undoubtedly be indulging a little too much.

If this sounds like you then read on to discover 5 strategies to ensure you do not gain weight over the Thanksgiving, Christmas  and New Year holiday season.

#1: Get your body prepared

If you want to avoid gaining any weight over the holiday season then you need to take control of your blood sugar levels on the days leading up to those extravagant meals.

It has been suggested that a good way to do this is by drinking 2 cups of white tea and lemon every day, instead of your usual caffeinated beverages.

The white tea will be able to stabilise your bodies response to sugar as it contains beneficial antioxidants, while the lemon ensures the antioxidants are optimised to work as effectively as possible.

#2: Don’t starve yourself

If you have a large meal coming soon we all tend to starve ourselves by skipping meals beforehand.

Instead of doing this it is recommended that you eat a breakfast high in protein, fibre and fat. This will ensure your body is functioning as it should, so you are able to burn calories effectively during the meal also.

#3: Snack before the party

To prevent over eating the next time you are at a party or at a meal you should eat a few high fibre crackers with a glass of water.

These crackers will then expand in your stomach, which will obviously help make you feel full. It will also help to slow down any absorption of fats.

#4: Just before a meal

While you are sat waiting for your meal have 2 tablespoons of vinegar (preferably apple cider vinegar) as this will help your body to process the sugar found in the meal ahead.

#5: Cut the crust

When eating dessert it is best to avoid eating the crust (if you choose a pie). This could save you an average of 7 grams of fat and 125 calories.

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