Holly Hagan Releases Diet Book

Holly Hagan Releases Diet Book

Unless you have lived under a rock the past year or so, you would have no doubt seen the stars of the hit MTV show Geordie Shore parading their new slimline bodies both on the show and at various celebrity hangouts.

What you may not know is how some of the girls have managed to lose the weight.

Take Holly Hagan for example, she has lost 3 stone in 3 years, but how she achieved this goal has not been explained in detail. That is until now with the release of her new diet book.

What is the name of Holly Hagan’s diet book?

Her new book is called, Lose Five Pounds In One Week, but since its launch it has attracted a bit of criticism from people who claim that her weight loss techniques are dangerous.

What does the diet book advocate?

Holly Hagan Lose 5 Pounds In A WeekIn the book it is advised that to lose the 5 pounds within a week you will have to cut your calorie intake to just 800 a day, while also performing lots of cardio.

While it is only for a week, this calorie limit is well below the recommended 2,000 calories needed for women, and 2,500 for men.

Why are low-calorie diets dangerous?

There are various health risks associated with low-calorie diets or in this case a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) including:

  • Gallstones
  • Heart problems
  • Loss of muscle
  • Gout
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea

A lack of nutrition could also result in issues such as tiredness and anaemia too.

Personal trainer Max Bridger, when speaking to the Daily Mail had this to say about Holly Hagan’s diet plan:

“With low calorie diets that are below 1200 to 1500 calories per day foods should be varied to avoid any minor or major deficiencies… It would be extremely hard for a sub-800 calorie diet to be sufficient in the majority of essential nutrients and minerals.”

The weight loss is likely not going to be sustainable either, as once you start to eat normally once again, the weight lost will surely return.

What did Holly have to say about the controversy?

Although Holly herself has not responded to the criticism herself a spokesperson had this to say:

“The plan is designed to be followed for seven days, without starvation, supplements, or cutting out entire food groups. It is designed to be about small sacrifices for a week, combined with specific techniques.”

Our view

Of course the weight lost by Holly is impressive, cutting your calorie intake by such a drastic amount is certainly not sustainable and is not something that we would recommend.

Remember Holly lost her weight gradually, with no doubt a little help from a personal trainer and dietician, so I would take this diet book and its advice with a pinch of salt.

Holly Hagan Weight LossIf you wish to lose weight then you do not need to resort to quick fixes like this, they simply do not work long-term and any weight lost will quickly return.

You must remember that it is not a race, you did not gain the weight overnight so you cannot expect to lose the weight overnight either.

However with a little patience and dedication to a new healthy lifestyle then you can make some positive changes to both your body and your overall health.

I would personally recommend the following if you wish to lose weight:

  • Cut back on junk food and takeaways
  • Start eating more fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Eat more fibre and protein-rich foods
  • Cut out soft drinks and alcohol
  • Replace with water
  • Increase your activity levels
  • Weight training is a good idea
  • HIIT is good for those with very little time
  • Try to cut your stress levels
  • Get a good nights sleep

Just remember even when you are not seeing the results you would expect, to just keep going. You will overcome any plateau if you are patient enough.

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