Hollywood movie weight loss myths

Hollywood movie weight loss myths

As you can imagine Hollywood has a habit of glossing over everything, from weddings to childbirth, it seems that everything is straightforward and easy to achieve.

Unfortunately despite the claims made in Hollywood weight loss is certainly not easy and for some the myths they see in the movies can cause you to question your own methods.

Here are some myths that Hollywood like to perpetuate:

#1 – Weight loss can happen immediately

If you have ever seen a ‘Rocky‘ movie then you will believe that it is possible to get in shape within a 5 minute montage. Well, we wish!

Unfortunately weight loss is a slow process, you need to remember that you did not gain the weight overnight so cannot expect to lose those excess pounds overnight either.

Did you know that filming for the film ‘Cast Away’ starring Tom Hanks paused for a year while its star lost the necessary weight to play the stranded survivor?

#2 – Anything is possible

In films with make up and CGI it is possible to make anyone look as big or as small as they want. ‘Captain America‘ star Chris Evans for example played a wimpier version of himself using CGI.

In real life however these transformations are just not possible. Although it possible to make changes, it just takes a lot of time and effort.

#3 – Actors are just like us

Well, actors use a variety of tools to look larger. Take the fat suit for example; wearing one will give the illusion that the actor has gained weight for a role.

Some actors will gain and lose weight for their roles (take Christian Bale or Jared Leto for prime examples), yet you need to remember that they are being paid a substantial amount of money for this task.

What you don’t see on screen is the physical effects these dramatic changes make to an actors health.

For his role in ‘Chapter 27‘, Jared Leto had gained 60 pounds to play Mark David Chapman, yet most will not know that the actor also developed gout-like foot pain that required him to use a wheelchair due to the pain.

In conclusion

Remember weight loss is a slow process, ignore what you see in the movies. You cannot rush weight loss without drastic measures that could potentially cause you harm.

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