Is the Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract trial a scam?

Is the Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract trial a scam?

Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract is yet another supplement looking to cash in on the success of green coffee beans, the ingredient lauded by Dr Oz.

Unfortunately this product is available for trial, which has immediately set the alarm bells ringing.

In the past we have reviewed countless other trial offers that have turned out to be auto-ship scams, is the same true for this trial offer? Lets look and see whether it should be avoided or not.

Claimed benefits of Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract

The following benefits have been claimed:

  • Burn fat and boost your metabolism
  • Naturally increase your energy
  • Burn fat faster and easier
  • Designed for maximum weight loss

While at first glance these claimed benefits sound impressive you should first look to see if there is proof of these claims before rushing into signing up.

For a start you should ask yourself what ingredients does it contain?

Ingredients of Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract

While there is no label present the image of the bottle is large enough to see that each serving will contain 800 mg of green coffee bean extract (50% chlorogenic acid).

With this information at hand it is safe to assume that you will experience some weight loss benefits through the use of this supplement.

Price of Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract

Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract is available for trial from Superior Health LLC, with the initial 14 day trial period costing just $4.69.

If this was all it cost then there would be no problem, however this is certainly not the case as once the trial period has concluded there will be a $79.52 charge to be expected with further monthly charges too.

Each month thereafter further packages will be sent to you until your membership to this auto-ship program is cancelled.

Is Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract recommended?

Although this supplement contains a good ingredient that should aid your own efforts the fact of the matter is that it simply costs too much.

There are various alternatives that cost a fraction of this price that are available without auto-shipping.

How to cancel the trial?

Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract can be contacted using the following contact information:

Telephone: 1-888-513-0054
Email: support@honestgreencoffeebean.com

There is a comment form below that you can use to leave a message if you have trialled this particular supplement.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Are there any alternatives?

While there plenty of options to choose from our suggestion would be Svetol Green Coffee (available from Evolution Slimming).

This supplement is a lot more cost effective yet contains similar ingredients, although svetol is the exact type of green coffee recommended by Dr Oz.

A months supply will cost $38, with no auto-shipping so the price you see is the price you will be paying with no hidden charges.

Click here to read our review of Svetol Green Coffee!

22 comments on "Is the Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract trial a scam?"
  1. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! Will NOt refund money!

  2. Don’t order this honest green coffee extract bottle offer for $4.69. You will be charged this plus the next month they will charge your card a whopping $93.84 with no explanation. It is far from being honest.
    Same with the Perfect garcinia cambogia bottle for a limited time offer for $4.95 they will charge your card the following month for $79.52 with no explanation. Additionally your card will be charged a separate charge for $1.98 at the time your bottle order is made with no explanation. I am in dispute on all three dishonest charges with my card company.

    • II agree with this. I returned the product in August and they have not refunded me for the return. i am turning to my card company for help and through their investigation, the company is saying they never received the product back. This is not true. The are trying to avoid the truth and return my money. This company should be investigated by the FBI for pure fraud…..

    • WHAT A SCAM!!! They were charging my acct EVERY 2 WEEKS. I got my “trial” bottle for 79.52. Two weeks later, just the charge. 2 more weeks and another 79.52 charge. Bottom line, $238.56 in 6 weeks. And I’m returning the bottle I just received. Called them. First they offered a 30% then. 50% refund. Really really difficult to cancel my “subscription”. Girlfriend had same problem with another company. So they must be operating under different names. DON’T BE SCAMMED!!!!

    • I went thru same thing. I only thought I was ordering the trial supply of exceptional garcinia but they charged 11 something and sent both. I let is slide and received both trials of the honest green coffee bean extract and exceptional garcinia . A week later card is charged 90 some dollars and I called freaking out they agreed at 1st to refund 50 percent..I said that is like stealing. I haven’t received anything but the trial supplies and i do not want anything else. Told me the only way i coould get 100 percent money back was if I hadn’t opened the trial supplies which made no sense I had already paid the 11 something for those separately and then it would have to go thru inspection to make sure hadn’t been tampered with and if was okay i,shouuld receive refund within 90 days… made no sense at all they gave me no choice but to accept half my money back cause needed it right then I couldn’t afford then to take that from me and I had not authorized!!!

      • Sorry words are misspelled. New phone changing words was rushing hope you all can still make out what I was trying to say

  3. I dont want my card sripe i want to cancel my order right now,

  4. I want to cancel anything that may occur charges to my card … I got charged $93.84 for something I not even sure what it is … Do not charge my card again for anything I never agreed or signed up for anything … I will be conducting a fraud investigation against the company …

  5. This Company will not give you your money back, I’ve been running around for a month now and I forgot to cancel my order. The reason I was running around is because I stat my Chemo and Radiation treatments on 09/08/2015.They won’t help you, they only want your money, once they get it you no longer exist until next billing cycle!!!!!!!!!. Don’t buy This stuff.!!!!!.

    • They offered me half of my money back and because I couldn’t afford to wait i said ok I did receive refund within 48 hours but I was still robbed of the rest!!

  6. I have tried calling all of these phone #’s and it states to hold for next representative even prompted for it to return my call when it did it placed me on hold again. I want to cancel the subscription. I am so mad right now i coukd chew bullets!!!!

  7. Canceling the trial on time! No more ships, no more charges. No more green coffee. No more garcinia

  8. I signed up for the 14 day free trial and next month my charge card was billed $79.52. They said because I didn’t call within 14 days they would automatically charge my account every month!! No where did it say that! I refused the charges on my credit card! I hope people read this before they buy this product. It is a scam!!!

  9. SCAM DOES NOT WORK AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Scammmmmm y’all I’ve had a horrible incounter with the company .

  11. I called to cancel and get refund and was told, that I should have read the terms and conditions of the policies and that I did not click the link, so if that is the cause why are they allowing that and than taking my money?? So, I got set up and hung up on the rep. they called me back and offer half refund for March only and nothing for my Jan & Feb. not happy at all, I did get any weight or energy changes and I stayed on it for 3 months, not this bull flat 14 day trial…DO NOT FALL FOR THIS IT, SCAM!!!!

  12. I suffered the same problem with these people as everyone else is claiming here. When I called them, I got into a screaming match with some woman named Heidi who informed me that because I didn’t call within the 14 days, I had no recourse and they would not refund my money. These people are consumate scam artists, and should be investigated for fraud. After arguing with her for 20 minutes, she finally agreed to cancelling my account.

  13. so i did the 14 day trial i ordered with my credit card then i went and saw these reviews and freaked out. i called the company from the number in the email they sent me and i told them to cancel my order immediately because i didnt want to get charged these outrageous prices. the representative said that if you call they will offer you a discount. but you have to call. a bottle is originally approx. $94.00 each the coffee extract and the perfect garcinea EACH. she offered my a 75% discount making them roughly $24.00 each! yes not kidding. no hidden fees, no surcharge, no shipping cost. point is you have to call them and be on hold for a bit to finally speak to someone. On amazon this combo will run you about $95 for a combo of both for 30 supply. so if you really wanna try it call them. you can cancel at any time. Good luck!

  14. This is a scam. They don’t even let you cancel your membership before they have you signed up for more. I followed directions and only lost 5 lbs in 2 months.

  15. This company is an auto-ship business practice. The commitment to purchase the product and confirmation for them to charge the consumer on an ongoing basis is buried in their terms and conditions. If they wanted to be clear about that and not trick the consumer, they would make this known as clearly as they make their “free trial” offer.

  16. I have tried to find where I can cancel green coffee beans and have had a lot of difficulty.. I am under several disabilities and ordered this to see what it contained and decided not to take it but when I tried to get it cancelled, as well as the gracious I couldn’t find the place to do it. I finally found this site and hope it works to get this cancelled.

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