Are your hormones causing weight gain?

Are your hormones causing weight gain?

If you have ever tried to lose weight by cutting calories only to find that certain areas of your body still have those stubborn fat deposits after months of hard work and dedication then you are certainly not alone.

Maybe the reason you cannot achieve your goals is due to your hormones. Recent research seems to suggest it does have an impact.

Lets find out if your hormones causing weight gain:

Back fat

Back fat is something that affects many women with its cause being low thyroxine levels.

Thyroxine is a hormone produced by the thyroid gland, which when running slowly causes this back fat to occur.

This condition is known as hypothyroidism and it affects 1 in 13 women.

If you suspect that your thyroid is running slow you should speak to your GP about receiving a blood test, you may then be prescribed thyroxin tablets to counteract the issue.

There are also foods that can boost your thyroxin levels such as shellfish, seafood and dark leafy green vegetables such as spinach.

Love handles

Love handles or the dreaded muffin top is when your belly fat protrudes over the top of your jeans.

One reason for this is too much insulin present in your body, which may be caused due to you consuming too much sugar over a prolonged period.

When this occurs your body will become insulin resistant and you are more likely to become overweight and will increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

To reduce your insulin levels try to cut back on white bread, rice and pasta. You should also try to eat more fibre rich foods and cinnamon as it contains chromium that has been shown to lower blood sugar levels.

Bingo wings

Bingo wings are often thought to be the part of their body that a woman hates the most.

Hormones causing weight gainWhat is surprising is that low testosterone levels may be the cause of them.

A females testosterone level will naturally drop as we age, however there are certain foods that can boost these falling levels.

For instance, try to increase the amount of salmon, avocados and seeds, while foods like red meat and full fat dairy products should be avoided.

It is also important to exercise if you feel as though your testosterone levels are low, as exercise can help your body to produce more.

Thunder thighs

If your thighs or buttocks have a little extra jiggle to them it may be because your oestrogen levels are too high.

Oestrogen is a hormone associated with fertility that may be increased due to your use of the pill or HRT.

You may want to speak to your GP to change medication if this is a concern of yours.

Foods such as broccoli and cabbage, along with soy products and flax seeds can help regulate oestrogen levels.

Jelly belly

If you have a jelly belly then the reason may be due to your body producing too much cortisol.

Cortisol is produced when your body is stressed and is preparing you for action, by increasing the amount of fat and sugar in your bloodstream.

However, if you lead an inactive lifestyle then this fat and sugar is not burnt so is deposited as fat around your body, often around the waist.

To reduce the amount of cortisol your body produces you need to take time to relax. Have a nice bubble bath and have an early night, a lack of sleep can also raise stress levels.

Fat calves & cankles

If you suffer from fat calves or ankles (cankles) then this may be due to a lack of growth hormone.

Usually these hormones are released during sleep, so if you are not getting enough sleep you may be more susceptible to these issues.

Remove those distractions before bed, switch off your TV, your phone and laptop. Have a nice relaxing bath and avoid coffee and other stimulants for a good nights sleep.

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