6 Tips to Help Boost the Hormones that Control Your Weight

6 Tips to Help Boost the Hormones that Control Your Weight

To lose weight what you eat is incredibly important. As the saying goes, you cannot out train a bad diet.

However, simply cutting your portion sizes is not enough. You also need to look at what type of food you are eating too.

Did you know that certain foods can affect the hormones that control your weight?

It is true, which is why we have listed certain foods and methods that can do just this.

Read on and discover a few other weight loss tips you may not have tried before.

#1: Avoid starchy carbs at breakfast

The problem with starchy carbs is that they are quickly digested by your body, so are not filling and will actually lead to further cravings for similar types of food.

This means that you should try to avoid bread and cereals if you can at breakfast.

Instead opt for a protein-rich option instead, such as eggs for example. The reason being is that they are slow to digest so will keep you satisfied until lunch.

#2: Get plenty of protein

As well as being filling, protein is also an essential element for the production of serotonin, dopamine, melatonin and growth hormone.

You should be consuming 1.6 to 2.2 g of protein per kg of body weight, so if you are not try to eat more.

Chicken and turkey are good sources, but almonds and leafy greens are a good option too as they contain amino acids that form the building blocks of protein.

#3: Don’t cut carbs completely

Weight LossWhile it is not a good idea to have carbs first thing in the morning, for energy and to help maintain your testosterone and serotonin levels you should add them to subsequent meals.

#4: Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals may seem like a good way to save vital calories but it simply does not work.

When you skip meals or wait too long between meals your cortisol and insulin levels will be negatively affected, which will result in you overeating at your next meal.

Instead of skipping meals try to eat 3-4 meals daily. To save calories you should look at the types of food you eat and your portions sizes.

#5: Drink plenty of water

Soft drinks are full of sugar and therefore calories. They are also full of artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives that can affect your hormones negatively.

I would recommend cutting these from your diet entirely and to opt for water instead.

It is completely free of calories and these artificial ingredients so will be infinitely better for your health and weight loss efforts.

Research has found that drinking water pre-meal can help cut the amount of calories consumed during the meal.

#6: Allow yourself a cheat meal

Of course this should not be a daily occurrence, but once a week should not do any harm.

In fact this cheat meal could stop your diet from becoming too boring and therefore will ensure you are able to stick to your otherwise healthy diet.


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