How Can You Tell if your Diet is Working?

How Can You Tell if your Diet is Working?

Being able to tell if your diet is working is essential, as if it is not then you either need to make a few changes to it, or perhaps consider looking for a totally different plan entirely.

So what should you look at? Of course the numbers you see on the weighing scales are important but there are plenty of other things you need to consider too.

Lets look at what you should be looking at.

#1: Are you hungry?

If your diet is leaving you hungry then I am sorry to say but even if you are losing weight it is not working correctly.

One problem people tend to make is choosing reduced fat, fat free and low calorie foods, which have their place in a diet but if you are only eating these foods then chances are you wont be satisfied.

It may help for a week or two but chances are you will soon start adding unhealthy foods or adding snacks between meals as you are suffering from food cravings.

Unfortunately once you start adding these extras you will find that your weight will soon start to increase.

Instead of choosing these fat free of low calorie foods, opt for real foods. Foods that are protein-rich such as chicken and turkey, along with good fats, vegetables and fruit.

These foods are filling so you wont experience those hunger cravings, yet are also low in calories too.

#2: Are you feeling energetic?

If you are not getting enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals from your diet then chances are you are going to feel lethargic and will rely on stimulants and sugar for energy.

Reliance on caffeine, sugar and soft drinks is certainly not something I would recommend.

A better option would be to ensure you are eating a diet rich in the nutrients your body needs.

#3: How are you sleeping?

A good indicator of how well your diet is working is the quality of your sleep.

Diet SuccessA poor diet can lead to a poor nights sleep, so try to eat a healthy balanced diet, while also trying to get regular exercise too.

Fibre and protein-rich foods are essential, as well as healthy fats.

Good sleep will aid your weight loss efforts so it is worth ensuring you get it.

#4: How do your clothes feel?

If you are relying solely on the numbers you see on the scale then you maybe missing a trick.

Often you will find that the numbers will remain the same or even increase, which is due to you gaining muscle.

Muscle weighs more than fat, but it takes up less space, so you can appear slimmer while weighing more.

Instead of relying on the scales, you should look at how your clothes feel. Do they feel loose? You could also look in the mirror, or take photos to track your progress too.

#5: How is your mood?

Our final way to check if your diet is working, is to see how it is affecting your mood?

Some diets involve almost starving yourself, which will certainly not improve your mood. This is why it is often a better idea to use other approaches that may result in slower weight losses, but you wont suffer as much.

As you lose weight, those feelings of self-consciousness will lessen and as your confidence grows you will find that your energy levels will increase along with your self-worth.

A diet should not be just about weight loss, but should also improve other aspects of your life. If your current diet does not then perhaps you need to look at it a little closer.



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