How detoxing will help with your weight loss goals

How detoxing will help with your weight loss goals

If you often find yourself tired and aching for no reason then perhaps your body is in need of a good detox.

Just imagine yourself with clearer skin and loads of energy, wouldn’t that make you feel great?

Every day your body will be collecting toxins and impurities from the food you eat and the pollution that surrounds us all in the modern world.

These toxins can cause you to age prematurely along with other health issues including weight gain.

If you want a healthy slimmer body then the occasional detox is necessary.

How can you remove these toxins?

The detoxification process involves the removal of toxins from your body, in particular from your lungs, blood, kidneys, liver, intestines and skin.

One of the easiest methods of removing these toxins is by increasing your intake of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are natural occurring and are found in many different foods, in particular fruits such as the Acai Berry.

Some types of fruit contain more antioxidants than others so you should be aware of its ORAC rating (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity).

The ORAC rating is the official measurement used by various laboratories across the globe in order to measure the levels of antioxidants found within the fruit.

The Acai Berry has an ORAC rating of 299, which is particularly impressive compared to other super-foods such as Cranberries (96 ORAC rating) or Goji Berries (255 ORAC rating).

However despite the popularity of the Acai Berry as a superfood there is one fruit that has an even better dosage of antioxidants, the Maqui Berry that has an astonishing ORAC rating of 519.

Now you could always start eating a few Maqui Berries each day but it is doubtful that you will be able to experience many benefits as you could if you were to use a supplement.

How to find an effective Maqui Berry supplement?

Here are some tips to ensure you can buy a quality Maqui Berry supplement:

  • It should contain freeze dried Maqui Berry from organic sources
  • It needs to be 100% pure
  • It should be ethically sourced
  • It has been authenticated and has the proper certification

After looking at the above tips there is one supplement that meets all the requirements; Ultimate Maqui Berry.

Its Maqui Berries have been picked and immediately freeze dried onsite in Patagonia where it is organically grown.

Furthermore unlike many of its inferior counterparts Ultimate Maqui Berry contains an incredible 1800 mg of the super-fruit, making it the only supplement to contain such a high concentration.

If you want a healthier body and want to kickstart your weight loss efforts perhaps a little detoxification is in order.

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