How to avoid a bad Fad Diet?

How to avoid a bad Fad Diet?

A fad diet is basically one that has become popular quickly and then subsequently become unpopular.

They are often marketed by celebrities, and while they may work initially lots of them are not safe and could potentially cause lasting harm. This is because many of them promote extremely low calorie consumption, that could lead to nutrient deficiencies.

So how can you avoid a bad fad diet? Here are some tips to help you to choose a healthy diet for long term weight loss success.

What makes a diet a ‘fad diet’?

While the popularity of a diet is sometimes what makes it a fad diet, it is not the only way to define it.

Here are a few other ways that you can tell if a potential diet is going to be a fad or not.

1. It promises to be a quick fix.

2. Its claims sound too good to be true.

3. It draws simplistic conclusions from a complex study.

4. Its recommendations are based off a single study.

5. Its statements are refuted by scientific organisations.

6. Its recommendations are designed to help sell a product.

7. It eliminates one or more of the 5 food groups (dairy, fruit, grains, proteins and vegetables).

Examples of bad ‘fad diets

Examples of bad fad diets include:

The ‘Cabbage Soup’ Diet

This diet involves eating soup for 7 days. Nutrient deficiencies is a serious issue with this diet.

The ‘Hollywood’ Diet

This particular diet is low in calories, and promotes the consumption of a miracle juice. Again nutrient deficiencies is a major concern.

The ‘Tapeworm’ Diet

This diet involves ingesting a live tapeworm, which is a parasite that will certainly cause weight loss.

This is an extreme diet that is potentially dangerous and should not be tried.

How to pick a good diet?

With the marketing that usually surrounds a fad diet it can be easy to give into temptation.

Just think of it like this, if a diet seems to good to be true, then unfortunately it probably is.

Weight loss is difficult and will involve a change in your lifestyle habits, especially if you want to see long term results.

So, instead of choosing a fad diet that makes big claims, look for the following instead:

  • Look for a diet that has a history of success.
  • Pick a diet that promotes healthy eating, with a balanced diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • The diet should allow you the occasional treat. So you do not become bored with a routine that is too strict.
  • You should never choose a diet that promotes the consumption of fewer than 1,200 calories daily.
  • The diet should focus on the long term success, rather than short term goals.

There is a reason why fad diets do not stay popular for long, they are too restrictive and frankly do not give the long term results you are looking for.

My suggestion to you would be to avoid the marketing and to look for a diet that really works. Or rather, ignore diets completely and focus on simply living a more healthy lifestyle.

Doing so will help ensure you see the best results possible.

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