How to avoid weight gain after the menopause

How to avoid weight gain after the menopause

Weight gain after the menopause often occurs yet there are things that you can do to prevent this from happening.

What causes this weight gain?

There are a few reason why you weight gain may occur after the menopause. Some people believe it is due to your changing hormones, while others will say that it is simply due to the fact you are becoming less active and are making less healthy food choices.

Stress from your hectic life and your genetics may also play a part. Whatever the reason behind this weight gain it is important that you try to prevent it from occurring as it can lead to serious health conditions.

How to avoid this weight gain?

As with pre menopause weight gain you should try to eat healthily and get regular exercise if you want to avoid gaining weight.

Usually as you age your activity levels will drop, meaning you are not burning as many calories as before. For this reason you may want to reduce the amount of calories consumed, for example if your recommended calorie intake is 2000 then dropping this number by 200-500 could help.

Your food choices will also play a part in keeping you slim. Smaller healthier portions full of lean protein, whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables are good options.

You should never skip meals as you may find that you will make up for the lost meal later on in the day.

If you like to drink alcohol then limiting your consumption could also prevent weight gain.

Whatever your age exercise is important, even if it becomes harder to perform as you are aging.

Not only will it help to burn calories but it can help to maintain your muscle mass, which is another way of burning extra calories as muscle actually uses more calories than fat.

Finally if you want that extra help with weight gain after the menopause you should think about taking a supplement that contains magnesium, calcium, vitamin B complex, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

The magnesium and vitamin D can help to keep your insulin levels constant, which will help to avoid sugar cravings, while the calcium and vitamin B complex can help your body to process fat, the omega 3 fatty acids can improve your bodies ability to burn fat.

Going through the menopause can be a daunting experience, yet you don’t have to let weight gain be another burden. By eating healthily and getting regular exercise you can stay fit, healthy and slim even after the change.

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