How to count calories?

How to count calories?

Experts have spoken time and again of the importance of keeping track of your calorie intake through the use of a food diary.

This makes sense as you can look back through the diary to see what foods you are eating and what ones you really should be trying to cut back on.

Unfortunately it is not always an exact science tracking your calorie intake, however with the following tips perhaps the task may become a little easier.

#1: Stop trying to be perfect

While it is important to track what you are eating, it is less important that you know the exact number of calories.

If you have a ball-park figure in mind you will still be able to tell what foods you should be avoiding.

Stressing too much about your calorie intake can be detrimental to your efforts, not only because the stress can cause excess cortisol to be produced, which can lead to food cravings. But also the stress will likely lead to thoughts of quitting.

#2: Assume the worst

When out and about, even when choosing a healthier food option you should assume the worst regarding their calorie content.

Even choosing vegetables can be tricky to guess as you have not prepared or cooked them yourself. For instance some cooks will add salt or butter to even the healthiest of foods.

If you eat out then it may be best to add 20-40% extra calories to your estimated calorie intake just to be sure.

#3: Use an app

These days with the invention of the smart-phone there are so many different apps you can use to keep track of your calorie intake.

Gone are the days of keeping an old-fashioned notepad and pen handy.

One popular choice is MyFitnessPal, which will allow you to track your intake, while allowing you to set reminders for forgotten meals.

This particular app can also save those foods you tend to eat most often so after a few weeks of using the app you will be able to log in and monitor your intake with just a few minutes spent each day.

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