How to lose weight after childbirth

How to lose weight after childbirth

Although childbirth is one of the most rewarding events in your life most new mothers are not happy with their post pregnancy weight.

No doubt your new baby is taking up a lot of your time and energy so exercise and eating healthily is difficult, yet it is important you take care of yourself as well as your newborn.

Remember your body will still be healing up to 6 months after the birth of your baby and you still have to take care of your nutritional needs, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Here are a few tips that will hopefully get your weight moving in the right direction:

Breastfeeding and weight loss

Breastfeeding is one of the most important things that you can do for your child as it will provide them with the essential nutrients they need to grow and be healthy for the first few months or years of their life.

This activity also uses up around 200-500 extra calories each day, so if you can work out your daily calorie intake (you should consume around 2000 each day) you could lower it slightly in order to start the weight loss process.

Please ensure that your intake of calories is of good nutritional value, which means that you should be eating lean meats and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Water is another essential element needed for not only weight loss but also to produce milk for your baby.

You should try to limit your consumption of fruit juices and high sugar sift drinks, though if you tire of water you could add a little fresh lemon or other fruit to liven it up a little.

Eat plenty of protein

You will probably notice how your energy levels have dropped after giving birth, what with the constant nappy changes and sleepless nights.

Anaemia is also common amongst those who are pregnant or recently given birth.

To replace those low iron stores a good source of protein us required, with low calorie option preferred.

Foods such as beans, lentils and lean meat such as chicken or turkey are ideal sources of protein.

Protein is slow to digest so will help to reduce your cravings, it will also help to boost your low energy levels.

Try to avoid those snacks

When you were pregnant you might have spent a lot of time snacking so breaking out of this habit now that your child has been born may prove to be difficult.

With time this habit will become easier to manage, however in the mean time you may want to keep some sugar free chewing gum handy.

You may also want to increase your intake of water.

When you become dehydrated your body will often mistake this for hunger and therefore you may be eating when your body actually wants a drink.

Water has plenty of health benefits so this is a good tip in general for anyone looking to improve their health.

In conclusion

Just because you have a new baby you don’t have to stay overweight, if you want to make changes to your body perhaps the above tips will help you to reach your goal weight.

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  1. my baby is 5 months old. Began to gain weight . please tell me to reduce efficiently an in natural way. thank you

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