Is Hulled Barley the latest weight loss miracle?

Is Hulled Barley the latest weight loss miracle?

In the February 14th 2014 episode of the Dr Oz Show, entitled ‘Biggest Health Traps Women Fall For’, Dr Oz spoke about his latest weight loss discovery Hulled Barley that he indicated was a natural appetite suppressant.

During the episode he stated that due to high fibre content Hulled Barley was a game changer that takes a long time to digest so helped to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Hull-less barley” or “whole barley” as it was also called can also help keep your blood sugar levels stable, which will prevent those blood sugar spikes that lead to cravings.

Let us look at Hulled Barley in more detail before we come to our own conclusion whether it is the weight loss miracle that it is claimed to be.

What is Hulled Barley?

Hulled Barley is a minimally processed whole grain that has had its outermost shell removed.

It is claimed that consuming it can help to curb your hunger cravings as well as various other health benefits.

Health benefits of Hulled Barley?

The following health benefits are said to be experienced through eating Hulled Barley:

  • Helps fill you up due to its high fibre content.
  • Stabilised blood sugar levels meaning less sugar spikes and cravings.
  • Lower cholesterol levels – Hulled Barley contains high levels of beta glucan.
  • Lower risk of heart disease – A study performed on nearly 10,000 Americans showed that those who ate the most fibre had a 12% less risk of heart disease.
  • Contains protein, iron and calcium.

How can Hulled Barley aid slimming?

For a start Hulled Barley contains high levels of fibre that when consumed is slow to digest and therefore will fill you up.

It also has a low glycemic index, which means that eating it will not cause high blood sugar levels that subsequently cause cravings when those blood sugar levels drop.

Is Hulled Barley proven?

During the Dr Oz Show three audience members who had been asked to substitute pasta and other carbohydrates for Hulled Barley.

Hulled BarleyThe women said they felt dramatically less hungry, with one woman losing 3lbs in just 3 days.

This is not the only proof that Hulled Barley can aid slimming. In a study published in the August 16th 2011 edition of Nutritional Metabolism, it was proven to lower blood glucose (sugar) levels.

These lower blood sugar levels were shown to cut cravings and can also benefit those with diabetes too.

Hulled Barley is preferred to the Pearled variety as it contains twice the amount of fibre and more than twice the amount of vitamins and minerals.

How best to eat Hulled Barley?

You can cook Hulled Barley in a similar fashion as cooking rice. To soften it you should soak it overnight.

Hulled Barley can be used to replace your usual starchy foods such as rice and potatoes, and can be made into various cereals, chilli or pasta dishes.

If you make a large pot then it should last you the week, which makes it incredibly cheap yet filling and tasty meal for your entire family.

Is Hulled Barley a weight loss miracle?

Hulled Barley can certainly help with your weight issues, although I would not go as far as calling it a miracle.

For real weight loss success wholesale changes will need to be made to both your diet and exercise levels.

You cannot simply add one ingredient (in this instance Hulled Barley) and expect to see the best results.

Cut back on the junk food, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables along with the Hulled Barley. Then exercise for 30 minutes 2-3 times a day for a new slimmer and healthier you.

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