Hydroslim Review – Thermogenic pre-workout drink

Hydroslim Review – Thermogenic pre-workout drink

Hydroslim is a thermogenic pre-workout drink designed to give your energy levels a boost so that you can workout to your max.

Benefits of Hydroslim

Benefits of Hydroslim include:

  • Increased energy, fat loss and strength
  • Fast absorption
  • Powerful thermogenesis effect
  • Suitable for males and females
  • Suitable for vegetarians

How does Hydroslim work?

Hydroslim is designed to be taken either before a workout or as an early morning drink.

HydroslimIts unique formula is designed to give you an almost instant energy boost that will ensure you are able to workout that much harder at the gym.

Ingredients found in Hydroslim

Hydroslim is made from 100% natural ingredients that include Green Coffee Bean extract, Wild Nutmeg, Tyrosine, Caffeine and Green Tea extract.

Green Coffee Bean extract

This particular ingredient contains chlorogenic acid that has been shown to promote weight loss by reducing the absorption of carbohydrates, which will therefore reduce the number of insulin spikes you experience and therefore reduce cravings.

It also contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant that can cause an increase in your metabolic rate.

When your metabolism is raised you will burn more calories and produce more energy.

Wild Nutmeg

There are numerous benefits you can experience from Wild Nutmeg, including improved digestive health and central nervous system benefits.


Tyrosine is an amino acid that can help provide relief from fatigue, and help keep you focussed.


A natural stimulant, proven to boost the metabolism, which will cause an increase in calories burnt.

This process also helps to boost energy levels.

Green Tea extract

Green Tea cannot only benefit your overall health due to it containing EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), but is also a source of caffeine that we have already discussed the benefits of.

Green Tea also contains L-theanine, which has anti-anxiety effects.

Other ingredients of Hydroslim include Salacia Reticulata, Guggulsterone and Gamma Butyrobetaine.

Salacia Reticulata can be used to treat diabetes and obesity. With its properties able to prevent the sugars found in food from being absorbed by the body.

Guggulsterone has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries and is said to have many beneficial properties, including the ability to lower high cholesterol, prevent the hardening of the arteries and weight loss.

Gamma Butyrobetaine is a type of Carnitine that enables and enhances the metabolic conversion of fatty acids.

The label for Hydroslim can be viewed below:

Hydroslim ingredients

Will Hydroslim cause any side effects?

Due to the caffeine content of Hydroslim those who have previously had a reaction to caffeine are best avoiding this product.

Potential side effects of caffeine include the jitters, headaches and insomnia so it is best not to take this product near bedtime.

As it is made from natural ingredients it is suitable for use by vegetarians.

How to take Hydroslim for best results?

For best results it is recommended that you take Hydroslim around 15 minutes before you workout.

All you have to do is simply mix 1 scoop with water.

Is Hydroslim recommended?

If you find that you often make the excuse that you are too tired to go to the gym after work then you need Hydroslim.

Its unique formula will give you the boost you need to workout to your max, which will in turn help you to reach your weight loss goals. Just make sure to remember that exercise alone will not help you to reach your goals.

For best results diet AND exercise is required.

Where to buy Hydroslim?

Your best bet when looking to buy Hydroslim would be to visit the Evolution Slimming website.

Each tub of Hydroslim contains 20 servings that will cost £19.99. For further savings I would recommend you look at the 2 and 3 tub package prices.

The 3 tub package for example will cost just £54.99.

Buying from Evolution Slimming as many benefits; for example there is FREE UK delivery, a FREE diet plan available and the knowledge that you are buying from a reputable source.

Click here to buy Hydroslim from Evolution Slimming

Buy HydroSlim

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