5 Simple Swaps to Increase your Fibre Intake

5 Simple Swaps to Increase your Fibre Intake

If you wish to lose weight then you may have already heard that eating more fibre-rich foods could help.

This is true but how can you increase your fibre intake effectively? Well, an easy way to achieve this is to consume more beans.

Research has shown that the fibre found in beans can help keep you feeling full (University of Minnesota).

A 2009 study has also shown the weight loss benefits of fibre as they discovered that for every gram of fibre consumed we are able to “cancel out” around 7 calories, as the fibre bonds to the calories, preventing them from being absorbed by your body.

Read on to discover what simple food swaps you can make to help increase your fibre intake.

Swap meat for beans

Beans are considerably cheaper than most types of meat, in particular beef. Yet, you can still make the same kind of foods with them, which will increase your fibre intake.

For instance you could use black, pinto or white beans instead of ground beef when you make tacos or chilli.

You can even use it to make your own meatloaf, burgers or lasagna.

If you do not want to cut meat completely from your diet then you could go 50/50 with the meat and bean ratio.

Swap starchy foods for beans

Beans are an ideal replacement for starchy foods like rice, corn and potatoes that are quickly digested by your body.

Swap dairy for beans

Beans for Weight LossInstead of using milk or cream as a base for your soups or sauces, you can use pureed whole beans or bean flours instead.

Doing so will help cut hundreds of calories from your diet, which will go a long way to helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Eat beans for a snack

As well as your usual fruits and vegetables you can roast some beans for a fibre-rich snack too.

Use beans in desserts

There are plenty of ways that you can start incorporating beans into your favourite desserts.

They can be added to your homemade puddings and smoothies, and should not be detectable flavour wise. However will help to increase your daily fibre intake.

I hope these suggestions will help. The benefits of fibre has been proven, for both weight loss and your general health, so taking the time to integrate these simple changes has surely got to be worth the effort.

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