Infinity Garcinia Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

Infinity Garcinia Review – Is this trial offer a scam?

If you have come across the adverts online for Infinity Garcinia (sold by VitaYouth) you maybe asking yourself whether you should take the risk to sign up for the trial offer?

In the following review we will answer this question for you by looking to see if it works as claimed and whether there are any hidden charges you should be aware of.

Claims made by Infinity Garcinia

The following are claimed benefits of this supplement:

  • Suppress appetite
  • Prevent fat formation
  • Maximum results

To check how accurate these claims are we would need to look to see what ingredients have been used to create this product.

Ingredients found in Infinity Garcinia

Despite appearing to be made using Garcinia Cambogia, the label available on their website has no mention of this ingredient being used.

Instead it mentions ingredients such as African Mango, Psyllium Husk and Senna among others.

Perhaps the wrong label is available, but this does not inspire much confidence in the brand if this important information is overlooked.

When looking at supplements, the label is incredibly important as this should show exactly what the ingredients are, which will tell you not only how effective it is but also whether there are any potentially dangerous ingredients used.

In this case if correct and Infinity Garcinia does contain Senna then you may potentially suffer problems as it has a laxative effect on its users.

Price of Infinity Garcinia

The price of Infinity Garcinia is not immediately clear as they have been hidden away in the terms and conditions.

However, once you read this page you will see why trial offer have such a bad name for themselves.

To start there is a $4.95 shipping charge, which is reasonable enough but you will also be charged $86.94 too.

Not only is this too much to be charged, but you don’t even get chance to trial the product before being charged.

To make matters worse if you do not contact Infinity Garcinia you will be shipped further monthly packages in a scheme known as auto-shipping.

Would we recommend Infinity Garcinia?

There is little doubt in my mind that Infinity Garcinia is best avoided.

Its ingredients are vague, and the cost is simply too high. There are plenty of alternatives that would be a better choice for those looking for a little help with their own weight loss efforts.

Contact details for Infinity Garcinia

You should use the following information to cancel the auto-ship scheme:

Phone: 855-511-1387
Email: admin@infinitygarciniadiet.com

If you have signed up for this offer then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a message for use below.

Garcinia PureAlternative to Infinity Garcinia

A infinitely better alternative to Infinity Garcinia is a supplement sold online from the Evolution Slimming website.

Its name is Garcinia Pure and it is made from 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA. The recommended dosage that will surely aid your own weight loss efforts.

Benefits you can expect include:

  • Weight loss
  • Less body fat produced
  • Fewer food cravings between meals
  • Lower cholesterol levels

As Garcinia Pure is not available for trial there is no risk of any hidden or repeat charges.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure


12 comments on "Infinity Garcinia Review – Is this trial offer a scam?"
  1. PLEASE HELP!! I ordered this trial for some dumb reason..vulnerable I suppose.
    Tey I received the 2 bottles and saw that $79.00 is taken from my checking account today, June22, 2016. After arguing with the man on the phone he said he will cancel the future orders. I need my $ back. I don’t have a job right now and every penny counts.
    Finally he said he will refund 35% to my checking account and cancel the future orders.
    I’m in tears right now, as I see now that I was scammed. I can’t believe I fell for this! Any suggestions as to how to get my money back? I’m discussed with this company and with myself! The customer service number I used was 877-634-1537. I told the gentleman he must not have any morals to work for a company such as this. He assured me he has morals…the first and only human thing he said. I hope someone can help me with this!

    Linda Gillette

  2. I spoke to a girl named Lanisha today for the same reason Linda Gillette did. Ordered the “free”
    offer and then my checking acct. was charged $79.00 for the garcinia and also the Green
    Coffee that I also ordered. I told her that I did not see anyplace that I had to cancel or I would be
    charged the higher amt. for each. It was not until I said that it was time for me to contact our Ohio
    Attorney General’s office, she put me on hold and came back and said they could only refund to
    my acct. used for the first purchase (shipping and handling only) 35% of the higher amount
    charged. I had said that I would send the products back as they did not work anyway and would
    “not even charge them Sh. & Hand. on the return”. THIS IS INDEED A SCAM !! Everyone be

  3. I called 877-634-1537 and the woman on the phone cancelled my order for me so I wouldn’t be re-billed. She asked me if I wanted to keep being billed if they lowered the price to 35%, but I said next time when I’m rolling in money I may pursue that venture but until then I would only wish to cancel the order. She was very nice even though I think english was her second language and I had to repeat myself a few times. It is what it is, the pill did not help although I noticed that it does help your hunger and I did get some energy from the coffee pills, imagine that. I was more successful in losing weight with the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.

  4. I, too had misgivings when I ordered the Garcinia and Coffee combo. I used them for a month, and before I thought to cancel, I received a bill for the next month. Thinking it was my fault for not cancelling on time, I did not try to get out of that month, but I did email a cancellation. A day or so later I received a response, saying that a representative wanted to talk to me. I called the number they gave me. The man asked what I needed, and I told him I was just responding to their email, which he didn’t know anything about, apparently. I then told him I wanted to cancel my order, no explanation needed. He said it was cancelled. This was a month ago and I just received the next months bottles. I do have records of these calls and emails if I have to push this, but I really would rather just have them cancel the order.

    You are all right about this being a scam. I am also on a short leash money-wise, and cannot afford this. I believe this same mixture can be bought on Amazon for less than $20.00 if I elect to continue it.

  5. Totally scammed me out of $118, which was much needed for my grandsons school clothes! This is so unfair! 🙁

  6. BEWARE!!!! Total scam. It ended up costing me $270 !! Live and learn, they say, but I’m old enough to know better.

  7. I’m absolutely in shock I’m stopping payment this buoseness should be ashamed

  8. I agreed to do the free trial and pay the $4.95 for shipping and handling. A few days later I was charged $79 for it then a few days after that I was charged again another $79 for something I did not even order through another company. I disputed the charges with my bank to get my money back and then proceed to contact the company and got a lady that was completely and udderly RUDE!! I told her I wanted to cancel my order do not charge my account for this, she kept cutting me off while I tried to speak. She wouldn’t cancel any of it and then placed me on hold for few minutes then got back on the line and asked me if I was calmed down! Who says that to a customer! She told me they would keep charging my card until they got the payment and they would send me to collections. I told her go ahead send me to collections and cancel my order too while your at it and I hung up on her because I was so pissed. Someone needs to teach that lady some manners and how to properly talk to customer!!

  9. Please cancel any further shipments for the i finitygarcinia and infinity green coffe

  10. Watch out for the fine print, they charge 4.95 for shipping, then if you don’t cancel before the 14th day they charge 84.95 for the next bottle!

  11. This is a total scam, I warn all of you but be calm if you have just ordered, if you just ordered, it is still processing, so just call them on the phone and speak with a representative and ask for everything to be cancelled!, that is what I did, 20 mins after ordering I called and cancelled and got emails for both products saying they will be refunded and all future subscriptions be cancelled.

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